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Latest News

Date News Category Article Title
May 22, 2014 Unemployment Harris Poll: Nearly Half of Unemployed Not Looking for Work
Mar 14, 2014 Unemployment Senate Reaches Agreement on Unemployment Benefits Extension
Feb 3, 2014 Unemployment President Obama Urges Employers Not to Stigmatize the Long-Term Unemployed
Jan 29, 2014 Unemployment The Long-Term Unemployed Face Daunting Challenges
Jan 10, 2014 Unemployment December Jobs Report: U.S. Economy Crippled by Cold Weather; Adds Just 74,000 Jobs
Dec 6, 2013 Unemployment November Jobs Report: Economy Adds 203,000 Jobs; Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.0%
Nov 8, 2013 Unemployment October Jobs Report: Surprisingly Strong Hiring Means the Fed May Start Tapering Bond-Buying Program
Oct 2, 2013 Unemployment Georgetown University Study Shows Today's Young Adults Struggle to Ramp Up Their Careers
Sep 6, 2013 Unemployment August Jobs Report: Economy Loses Momentum as Employers Add 169,000 Jobs
Aug 5, 2013 Unemployment Pew Research Center Finds that More Millennials Are Living With Parents
Aug 2, 2013 Unemployment July Jobs Report: U.S. Employers Add a Disappointing 162,000 Jobs
Jul 30, 2013 Unemployment Survey Finds that 80 Percent of Americans Will Experience Joblessness or Poverty at One Point
Jul 12, 2013 Unemployment Drastic Cuts to Long-Term Unemployment Assistance Cause Concerns
Jul 1, 2013 Unemployment Legal Secretaries Struggle to Find Work
Jun 11, 2013 Unemployment 'PBS NewsHour' Announces Significant Layoffs and Two Office Closures
May 21, 2013 Unemployment Research Suggests That Unemployment Benefits Do Not Exacerbate Economy
May 3, 2013 Unemployment April Jobs Report: Job Growth Eases Fears of Economic Slowdown
Apr 8, 2013 Unemployment Half a Million Americans Leave the Labor Force, Causing Economic Concerns
Mar 27, 2013 Unemployment Study Finds that Job Market for Skilled, Educated Workers is Declining
Mar 15, 2013 Unemployment Small Businesses Have Difficulty Finding New Workers Despite Uptick in Employment
Jan 10, 2013 Unemployment College Degree Helped Recent Grads During Recession
Dec 7, 2012 Unemployment November Jobs Report: Modest Gains and a Drop in Unemployment
Nov 30, 2012 Unemployment CBO Report: Extending Unemployment Benefits Would Be Equivalent to Adding 300,000 Jobs
Nov 2, 2012 Unemployment October Jobs Report: Economy Adds More Jobs But Unemployment Goes Up
Oct 5, 2012 Unemployment September Jobs Report: Unemployment Rate Drops to Lowest Level Since 2009
Sep 7, 2012 Unemployment Disappointing Job Numbers in August Highlight Economic Stakes in Presidential Race
Sep 7, 2012 Unemployment August Jobs Report: Economy Adds Fewer Than Expected Jobs, But Umemployment Rate Drops
Aug 20, 2012 Unemployment Married Moms Faced More Hardships During Recession
Aug 16, 2012 Unemployment Does the Economic Recovery Favor Single People?
Aug 3, 2012 Unemployment July Jobs Report: Economy Adds 163K Jobs But Unemployment Rate Goes Up
Jul 13, 2012 Unemployment Study Shows Women Spend More on Beauty Products During Recessions
Jul 6, 2012 Unemployment June Jobs Report: Concerns Grow Due to Weak Growth and Steady Unemployment Rate
Jul 5, 2012 Unemployment Labor Grants to Help Homeless Veterans Find Employment
Jun 20, 2012 Unemployment Raising Minimum Wage Could Cost Jobs
Jun 1, 2012 Unemployment May Jobs Report: Employers Add Fewer Jobs, Unemployment Rate Goes Up
May 10, 2012 Unemployment Some 93K Californians To Lose Extended Unemployment Benefits
May 4, 2012 Unemployment April Jobs Report: 115,000 Jobs Added, Unemployment Rate Drops Slightly
Apr 10, 2012 Unemployment Long-Term Unemployed Face Challenges Finding Work
Apr 6, 2012 Unemployment March Jobs Report: Unemployment Rate Falls But Job Growth Slows Down
Mar 22, 2012 Unemployment Social Media Rants May Predict Increases In Unemployment
Mar 9, 2012 Unemployment February Jobs Report: Employers Continue To Add Jobs But Some Still Skeptical About Recovery
Feb 27, 2012 Unemployment Economists Predict Moderate Economic Growth In 2012
Feb 16, 2012 Unemployment Initial Unemployment Claims Drop To Four-Year Low
Feb 3, 2012 Unemployment January Jobs Report: Job Growth Continues, Unemployment Rate Drops To 8.3 Percent
Jan 27, 2012 Unemployment Economic Growth At Highest During Fourth Quarter 2011 But Still Bumpy
Jan 13, 2012 Unemployment Initial Unemployment Claims Increase To Six-Week High
Jan 12, 2012 Unemployment Teens Face Tough Job Market
Jan 6, 2012 Unemployment December Jobs Report: Economy Adds 200,000 Jobs, Unemployment Rate Declines
Jan 5, 2012 Unemployment Georgetown University Study Shows Unemployment Varies By College Major
Dec 9, 2011 Unemployment Republicans Seek To Make Changes To Unemployment Benefits
Dec 2, 2011 Unemployment November Jobs Report: Unemployment Rate Drops To Lowest Level Since March 2009
Nov 8, 2011 Unemployment U.S. Job Openings Reach Three-Year High
Nov 4, 2011 Unemployment October Jobs Report Shows Some Positive Signs
Oct 7, 2011 Unemployment September Jobs Report Shows More Job Growth Than Expected
Oct 5, 2011 Unemployment Democrats Propose Tax Increase On Millionaires To Cover Cost Of Jobs Act
Oct 4, 2011 Unemployment Glassdoor Survey Reveals Rising Job Concerns Among US Workers
Oct 4, 2011 Unemployment Older Unemployed Workers Face Age Discrimination
Oct 3, 2011 Unemployment More Lawyers Take Jobs That Do Not Require Law Degrees
Sep 27, 2011 Unemployment Long-Term Unemployed Face Discrimination
Sep 19, 2011 Unemployment Study Says Extending Unemployment Benefits Will Not Keep People Jobless Longer
Sep 2, 2011 Unemployment BLS Report Shows No Change In Unemployment Rate
Aug 11, 2011 Unemployment Unemployment Claims Decline, Stock Market Rises
Aug 5, 2011 Unemployment July Jobs Report: Unemployment Rate Goes Down But Not Due To Hiring
Aug 4, 2011 Unemployment Report Shows Some States Drastically Cut Unemployment Benefits
Aug 3, 2011 Unemployment Layoffs Surge To 16-Month High
Jul 28, 2011 Unemployment Initial Unemployment Claims Fall Below 400,000
Jul 26, 2011 Unemployment USPS May Close More Than 3,600 Post Offices, Leaving Thousands Unemployed
Jul 12, 2011 Unemployment Weak Hiring By Small Businesses Stalls Economic Recovery
Jul 11, 2011 Unemployment June Jobs Report: Companies Pull Back On Hiring, Unemployment Rate Goes Up
Jul 7, 2011 Unemployment Mancession Over? Men Rebound Faster Than Women In Economic Recovery
Jul 7, 2011 Unemployment Reports Show Improvement In Job Market
Jun 17, 2011 Unemployment Economic Recovery Still Not Good Enough
Jun 9, 2011 Unemployment BLS: Unemployed Give Up After 5 Months Of Job Hunting
Jun 3, 2011 Unemployment May Jobs Report: Hiring Slows Down And Unemployment Rate Goes Up
May 23, 2011 Unemployment College Graduates Struggle In Grim Job Market
May 23, 2011 Unemployment Unemployment Rate Dropped In Most States But Economic Recovery Is Uneven
May 6, 2011 Unemployment April Jobs Report: Hiring Increases But So Does Unemployment Rate
Apr 21, 2011 Unemployment Workforce Central Florida Gives Superhero Capes To The Unemployed
Apr 18, 2011 Unemployment CDC Study Links Suicide Rates To Economy
Apr 14, 2011 Unemployment Initial Unemployment Claims Rise Unexpectedly
Apr 14, 2011 Unemployment Veterans Still Suffering From High Unemployment Rate
Apr 13, 2011 Unemployment Department Of Labor Reports That Job Openings Are On The Rise
Apr 8, 2011 Unemployment Update: As Government Shutdown Looms, Democrats And Republicans Start Pointing Fingers
Apr 6, 2011 Unemployment Study Shows Unemployment Is Deadly, Especially For Men
Apr 6, 2011 Unemployment UCLA Study Shows Even The Newly Unemployed Face Employment Discrimination
Apr 1, 2011 Unemployment March Jobs Report: Economic Growth Steady; Unemployment Rate Dropped
Mar 29, 2011 Unemployment Gov. Rick Snyder Cuts Michigan Unemployment Benefits
Mar 28, 2011 Unemployment Facebook, Google, Zynga, Twitter Help California Recover
Mar 23, 2011 Unemployment Cash-Strapped States Consider Reducing Unemployment Benefits
Mar 16, 2011 Unemployment Unemployment Rates In Oregon And Washington Drop In February
Mar 15, 2011 Unemployment California Teachers Brace For Another Round Of Pink Slips And Layoffs
Mar 15, 2011 Unemployment Teachers And Parents Protest Education Cuts In Texas
Mar 8, 2011 Unemployment Unemployed Turn To Entrepreneurship, Report Shows
Mar 7, 2011 Unemployment Women Suffer As Economy Recovers From Recession
Mar 4, 2011 Unemployment Labor Department Releases February Jobs Report: Unemployment Rate Dropped As Private Sector Added Jobs
Mar 1, 2011 Unemployment Republican Spending Plan May Hinder Economic Growth
Feb 18, 2011 Unemployment EEOC Examines Employment Discrimination Towards The Unemployed
Feb 8, 2011 Unemployment UVA Study Examines Impact Of The Recession On American Marriages
Feb 4, 2011 Unemployment Unemployment Rate Drops To Nine Percent In January
Jan 24, 2011 Unemployment California Job Market Looks Bleak As Unemployment Rate Rises To 12.5 Percent
Jan 13, 2011 Unemployment Dismal Salary Trends For 2011
Jan 7, 2011 Unemployment Unemployment Rate Drops But Number Of Discouraged Workers Rises
Dec 29, 2010 Unemployment Consumer Confidence Drops Despite Holiday Spending
Dec 27, 2010 Unemployment Economy Shows Signs Of Recovery For 2011
Dec 20, 2010 Unemployment Obama Extends Bush Era Tax Cuts
Dec 9, 2010 Unemployment Employers Hiring More High Level Executives
Dec 9, 2010 Unemployment Unemployment Claims Drop As Job Market Slowly Recovers
Dec 8, 2010 Unemployment Job Market Still Tough For MBA Grads
Dec 3, 2010 Unemployment Labor Department Releases November Jobs Report: Hiring Slows Down As Unemployment Rises
Dec 1, 2010 Unemployment Small Business Hiring Surges To 93,000 In November
Nov 30, 2010 Unemployment Consumer Confidence Reaches Five Month High
Nov 19, 2010 Unemployment House Rejects Unemployment Extension
Nov 5, 2010 Unemployment Labor Department Releases October Jobs Report: Hiring Picks Up But Still Not Good Enough, Says President Obama
Oct 8, 2010 Unemployment Labor Department Releases September Jobs Report: Economy Still Sluggish As Government Cuts More Jobs
Oct 1, 2010 Unemployment New York Department Of Labor To Collect 140 Million From Unemployment Fraud
Sep 20, 2010 Unemployment Senate Passes Small Business Jobs Act
Sep 9, 2010 Unemployment Lockheed Martin Offers Executives Financial Incentives For Voluntary Retirement
Sep 8, 2010 Unemployment Department Of Labor Survey Showed U.S. Job Openings Increased Slightly
Sep 3, 2010 Unemployment Labor Department Releases August Jobs Report: Fewer Jobs Lost But Economy Still Weak
Aug 30, 2010 Unemployment CBO Report Shows Stimulus Plan Had Positive Effects On Economy
Aug 27, 2010 Unemployment USA Today Focuses On Digital Content And Eliminates 130 Jobs
Aug 23, 2010 Unemployment Governor Schwarzenegger Enforces Mandatory Furloughs For California State Employees Again
Aug 13, 2010 Unemployment Unemployment Claims Reach An Unexpected High
Aug 12, 2010 Unemployment Global Youth Unemployment Rate At Its Highest Level, Says ILO
Aug 11, 2010 Unemployment Obama Signs Bill To Help Avoid Teacher Layoffs
Aug 10, 2010 Unemployment Secretary Of Defense Proposes Steps To Reduce Pentagon Spending
Aug 6, 2010 Unemployment Labor Department Releases July Jobs Report: Economic Growth Still Slow, Unemployment Rate Unchanged
Aug 5, 2010 Unemployment Senate Approves Bill That Will Prevent Layoffs And Help Fund Medicaid
Jul 28, 2010 Unemployment Recent Report Says Local Governments May Cut 500,000 Jobs
Jul 20, 2010 Unemployment Senate Helps More Than Two Million Jobless By Passing Unemployment Extension
Jul 16, 2010 Unemployment South Carolina Unemployment Benefits Will Transition To Debit Cards
Jul 7, 2010 Unemployment Some Say Extended Unemployment Benefits Are A Disincentive
Jul 2, 2010 Unemployment The Jobs Number Report: Economy Shows Weak Signs Of Recovery But Unemployment Numbers Deceiving
Jul 1, 2010 Unemployment Senate Rejects Unemployment Extension Again
Jun 30, 2010 Unemployment Unemployed Suffer From Employment Discrimination
Jun 2, 2010 Unemployment Jobless Benefits Running Out For Long Term Unemployed
May 28, 2010 Unemployment Graduates Moving Back Home
May 7, 2010 Unemployment April Job Growth At Four Year High
Apr 30, 2010 Unemployment In Some States Part Time Workers Can Receive Unemployment Benefits
Apr 16, 2010 Unemployment Obama Extends Unemployment Benefits
Apr 9, 2010 Unemployment Long Term Unemployment Leaving Scars
Mar 2, 2010 Unemployment Tenured Professors Not Immune To Layoffs
Feb 24, 2010 Unemployment Report Depicts Younger Generation As Optimistic And Educated
Jan 29, 2010 Unemployment Obama To Announce Major Tax Credit For Small Businesses
Jan 27, 2010 Unemployment Displaced Workers Eligible For Federal Unemployment Benefits
Jan 20, 2010 Unemployment Reports Focus On Minority Unemployment
Dec 31, 2009 Unemployment Hiring Expected To Improve In 2010
Dec 31, 2009 Unemployment Unemployment Claims Fall
Dec 28, 2009 Unemployment COBRA Subsidy Extended
Dec 22, 2009 Unemployment Hiring Of Temp Workers On The Rise
Dec 18, 2009 Unemployment States Respond To Rising Unemployment Claims
Dec 14, 2009 Unemployment COBRA Subsidies About To Expire
Dec 11, 2009 Unemployment Making Sense Of Employment Statistics
Dec 9, 2009 Unemployment Obama Proposes Aid To Small Businesses
Nov 25, 2009 Unemployment Minorities Facing High Unemployment Rates
Nov 11, 2009 Unemployment Companies Hiring More Temporary Employees
Nov 10, 2009 Unemployment Some Seasonal Hiring May Increase
Nov 4, 2009 Unemployment Some Families Trading In Homes For RVs
Oct 30, 2009 Unemployment Researchers Explore Effects Of Surviving Layoffs
Oct 27, 2009 Unemployment Older Workers Facing Age Discrimination
Oct 22, 2009 Unemployment Many College Graduates Moving Back Home
Oct 14, 2009 Unemployment Army Recruiting At Record High
Oct 6, 2009 Unemployment Obama Administration Considering Extending Unemployment Benefits
Sep 30, 2009 Unemployment Mixed Reactions To Teen Jobs Stimulus Effort
Sep 30, 2009 Unemployment Studies Focus On Recession'S Toll On Older Workers
Sep 17, 2009 Unemployment Jobless Struggle To Reach Unemployment Offices
Sep 4, 2009 Unemployment Study Focuses On Psychological Effects Of Unemployment
Aug 19, 2009 Unemployment Jobless Making Efforts To Enjoy Unemployment
Aug 14, 2009 Unemployment Laid-Off Employees Urged To Negotiate Severance Packages
Aug 11, 2009 Unemployment Many Do Not Realize They Qualify For COBRA Discount
Aug 6, 2009 Unemployment Jobs Figures Stir Worries About Hiring Trends
Aug 4, 2009 Unemployment Economy Edges Upward, A Good Omen For Job Seekers
Aug 3, 2009 Unemployment Clock Ticking On Unemployment Benefits
Jul 22, 2009 Unemployment Blacks Hit Hard By Unemployment In Some States
Jul 21, 2009 Unemployment Many Graduates Lack Health Insurance
Jul 7, 2009 Unemployment Proposed Legislation Aims To Ease Blow Of Layoffs
May 18, 2009 Unemployment Businesses Affected By Do-It-Yourselfers
Apr 28, 2009 Unemployment Gyms Offering Membership Deals To Unemployed
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