Career Story: Insurance Company Case Analyst

Insurance Company Case Analyst

Job Title: Case Analyst

Type of Company: The company I work for manages risk for municipalities, libraries, schools and housing authorities. We manage the risk for one of the larger New York State municipal pools.

Education: High School

Previous Experience: I started working for a large insurance company in the clerical unit and was promoted to claims handler. I have worked in various lines of insurance, but for the last eighteen years i have handled workers' compensation claims.

Job Tasks: My job is to handle workers' compensation claims. When a person gets injured on the job, we investigate the claim to make sure it's legitimate. If we find that it is, we will pay all medical bills related to the injury. We also make sure that the injured worker is compensated for lost wages. Our goal is to get the employee back on his feet and return him to the work force. I work with a nurse in our office, who's referred to as a "patient advocate." We work together to make sure that the injured worker is receiving the proper medical care.

We also have a responsibility to the employer of the injured worker. It's costly for employers to have someone out of work. One of the tools we use to manage the claim is an independent medical exam, where we send the injured worker to a doctor, who is not on our staff. The doctor will examine the injured worker and give his opinion on the level of disability and whether or not he or she can return to work. He will also comment on the appropriateness of the medical treatment the injured worker has been receiving.

We also prepare our files for hearings at the workers' compensation board. These are held so that the board can make sure the injured worker is provided for, both medically and financially.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of the job is the feeling that I am helping people who've been injured. They are often confused and don't know where to turn. The job is interesting because you always hear different stories and you get to know the employers and injured workers you deal with.

The worst part of the job is the volume of the work and the deadlines. It always seems that something needs to be done yesterday! You need to balance out the work and be organized.

Job Tips: First of all, complete your college education. Then if you want to get into this field, check out the companies that are hiring to see if they're okay to work for. Sometimes smaller companies are a good choice because they treat you better. You're not just a number to them. Also, find out what the job entails, so that you know what you will be doing once you are hired.

Additional Thoughts: If you get a job in the insurance field, you will find that you can work your way up. The promotions are there. I have seen people easily rise from clerical to managerial.

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