Career Story: Subcontract Administrator For A Corporate Aircraft Manufacturer

Subcontract Administrator For A Corporate Aircraft Manufacturer

Job Title: Subcontract Administrator

Education: Chemical Technology Associates Degree from Savannah Voc-Tech School •• Three years at Armstrong State College

Previous Experience: Before graduating from Tech school, I took a job as a night watchmen. From there, I learned of an opening in the facility I was guarding. I entered the lab as a technician, Upon graduation, I was offered a foreman's job. When there was a cut back, I went into the two-man purchasing department. That gave me the experience I needed to take my current job which I have had for 28 years.

Job Tasks: I work in the MRO (Material, Repairs and Operations) section of a 100 person Purchasing department for a company that builds corporate jet aircraft. My group buys all of the indirect material and services that do not become a part of the finished product. My desk specifically is involved with major contracting of products or services. I assist in developing a Statement of Work that defines what my "customer" expects to get out of the contract I negotiate with the Supplier. I competitively bid that statement of work and negotiate the terms and conditions of the agreement along with any pertinent individuals who are the owners of the process, and the supporters of the budget involved.

With 28 years of background, I understand the policies and procedures that Buyers must follow and practice. I use that in writing my contracts with the Suppliers who are bidding on supplying goods and services.

Not only do I negotiate the contract, but I also administer it, making certain the Supplier adheres to the terms and conditions outlined within it. Should any issues arise, I must address them with the supplier. If there is a discrepancy in the product they deliver, I must get it corrected. If their invoice does not match our receiving department';s data, I have to get it where it does.

In addition to these major contracts, I also handle small requisitions that cross my desk, primarily for products and consumable goods.

With my years of experience, I am looked to by my teammates to lend ideas to help them do their jobs more easily.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is interacting with so many people representing so many different trades and walks of life who want me to buy from them.

The worst part is having to tell some of them they did not win the contract after having built up their hopes in becoming the next supplier to my company.

Job Tips:
1. Continue to develop your abilities in negotiating and contract writing

2. Read as many trade publications as are available to you.

3. Dress neatly even if those around you tend to dress casually. The well dressed employee is looked upon as an achiever.

4. Develop your ability to "read" people by taking courses in psychology or human nature.

5. Stay honest and moral.

Additional Thoughts: Be willing to put in the hours to get the job done.

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