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This data is sourced from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System ( http://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/ ).

Why Link To CityTownInfo

Web sites link to CityTownInfo for a number of reasons

  • Libraries would like to provide their patrons with a useful career, college and relocation reference resource.
  • Career offices in high schools and colleges can provide their students with unique information about careers and colleges.
  • Real estate agents and mortgage companies link to CTI to give their clients information about the communities they serve.
  • Bloggers can give information about the city in which they live in or on careers about which they blog.
  • State and local governments link to CTI to provide their citizens with information about where they live.
  • Businesses are interested in providing background information about the city in which they operate.

Basic Linking Instructions

To link to CityTownInfo's home page, you may wish to use the below link into your web site:

City Town Info

You may replace the anchor text ("City Town Info") with any text that fairly represents the content of CityTownInfo.

Linking to a City or Town

You may prefer to link to one or more of our community profile or detail pages. Here's an example of link to San Diego, California:

San Diego, CA

Simply replace the city and state in the URL of anchor text above with the place to which you're interested in linking. Feel free to link to any page on our site!

Linking to a Career or College

Many web sites are interested in linking to a specific college or career. Here's an example of the link to our Elementary Teachers page:

Elementary Education Careers and Degrees

Using the CityTownInfo Logo

You may also place the CityTownInfo logo on your web site (subject to conditions below) to anchor a link to CityTownInfo.com:

This HTML code will generate a 60x245 logo image like this:

CityTownInfo - Cities, Colleges, Careers

If you require a resized image, please contact us at citytowninfo@citytowninfo.com with the dimensions you need.

We would be pleased if you used our logo on your web site as long as:

  • you use it to anchor a link to the CityTownInfo web site
  • your site does not contain any pornographic, hateful, or any other offensive material
  • you'll remove it if we ask you to do so.

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