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California State University - Long Beach


The third-largest campus of the the 23 schools in the California State University System, California State University-Long Beach offers both undergraduate and graduate-level education. It's considered one of the most racially-diverse schools in the Western United States and is said to have same of the lowest fees for in-state students. Known nationwide as "The Hub," the school has eight different colleges through which students can pursue academic programs in fields like the arts, business, education, engineering, math, natural sciences, liberal arts and more. A set of values has also been established by the university and includes educational opportunity, excellence, diversity, integrity and service.

Points of Distinction

  • Undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Business and technology "incubator" program
  • BeachNet10 Wireless encrypted connection
  • Nationally and internationally-recognized faculty members
  • Strong recognitions from Kiplinger's, U.S. News and others


Instructors and staff at California State University-Long Beach are deeply committed to providing a valuable education to their students. Updates about faculty accomplishments and research can be found on the school website, while many of the school's staff and instructors continue to lay the groundwork for future success in areas like digital course redesigns, new projects, college advising improvements, curricular streamlining and the school's Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) proposal.

Campus Life

At California State University-Long Beach students attend classes on a 322-acre campus. Some 80 buildings house 63 academic programs on a campus that combines planned architecture, landscaping and environmental sculpture to create an unparalleled setting. One-hour tours and self-guided tours are available of the campus, and students attending the university can take advantage of the university's residence halls and dormitories. The school also has on-campus dining, child care, ride-share programs and its own campus police.


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