Careers Where a College Degree Not Required

This is our second annual study identifying the Careers with highest Total Employment and Annual Median Wage (in $)s.

The table below contains data on hundreds of careers. The 2nd column ("Total Employment") represents the number of jobs for a given occupation. You can also see the Highest Annual Median wage for any particular career in the third column ("Annual Median Wage (in $)").

Note: Clicking on any of the hyperlinked Career names will bring you to a detailed profile page for the Career, including the Top Cities (a list of salaries by metro area), Top Industries (a list of industries which employ the most people in the job) and Related Career Stories for a particular Career.

List of schools providing the programs in order to pursue a particular career is also available upon clicking the Career names.

CareerTotal EmploymentAnnual Median Wage (in $)
Accountants and Auditors122691067190
Air Traffic Controllers23130122950
Art Directors3469089760
Athletic Trainers2345044670
Avionics Technicians1734058540
Biochemists and Biophysicists3080082150
Biological Technicians7290041650
Biomedical Engineers2089086220
Broadcast Technicians2827037490
Budget Analysts5630071590
Chemical Engineers3223097360
Civil Engineering Technicians7144049260
Civil Engineers27521082220
Compensation and Benefits Managers15930111430
Computer Operators5151040420
Computer Programmers28942079530
Construction and Building Inspectors9148057340
Construction Managers23964087400
Court Reporters1767049500
Craft Artists527030720
Credit Analysts7084069680
Customer Service Representatives259599031720
Database Administrators11377081710
Dental Assistants32311035980
Dental Hygienists20055072330
Dental Laboratory Technicians3752037190
Desktop Publishers1324039840
Dietetic Technicians2895026040
Dietitians and Nutritionists5974057910
Electrical Engineers17858093010
Environmental Engineering Technicians1736048650
Environmental Engineers5260084560
Fashion Designers1904063670
Film and Video Editors2766061750
Financial Analysts26836080310
Financial Examiners4420078010
Financial Managers531120117990
Floral Designers4435025010
Food Service Managers20137048690
Forensic Science Technicians1407056320
Forest and Conservation Workers687026190
Graphic Designers20485046900
Health Technologists and Technicians290923042190
Home Appliance Repairers3399036200
Home Health Aides82063021920
Human Resources Managers122780104440
Human Resources Specialists49109058350
Industrial Engineering Technicians6229053780
Industrial Engineers24757083470
Industrial Machinery Mechanics32328049690
Loan Officers30387063430
Management Analysts61411081320
Marketing Managers192890128750
Medical Assistants60124030590
Medical Equipment Repairers4106046340
Medical Secretaries53036033040
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers11007042170
Mental Health Counselors12820041880
Motorcycle Mechanics1585034220
Pharmacy Technicians37943030410
Physical Therapist Aides5054025120
Physical Therapist Assistants8123055170
Psychiatric Technicians5845031140
Recreational Therapists1788045890
Recreational Vehicle Service Technicians1197035670
Registered Nurses274591067490
Respiratory Therapists12033057790
Respiratory Therapy Technicians1000048490
Surgical Technologists10027044330
Teacher Assistants122844024900
Travel Agents6656035660
*This data is sourced from the 2013 BLS employment report (BLS.gov)

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