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The college application process is a huge step, and it can take many months to prepare. Fortunately, is here to bring you the latest news on college admissions. If you’re curious about the admission process or don’t know where to start, check out some of these articles written by our contributors. Discover new college admissions trends, advice from students, school rankings and more.

Latest News

DateNews CategoryArticle Title
Jul 7, 2014 Department of Education Releases Annual List of Most Expensive Colleges
Apr 23, 2014 Supreme Court Ruling Allows States to Ban Affirmative Action in College Admissions
Mar 7, 2014 College Board Announces Details of Extensive SAT Redesign
Feb 20, 2014 Study Shows ACT and SAT Scores Don't Affect Academic Performance in College
Feb 14, 2014 MIT Accidentally Admits Applicants in Financial Aid Email
Jan 22, 2014 Research Trumps Rankings for a Wise College Choice
Jan 21, 2014 College Rankings, Academic or Not, Influence Student Applications
Dec 12, 2013 College Board Delays Launch of New SAT
Nov 14, 2013 More International Students Choose to Study in the U.S., Report Shows
Oct 22, 2013 George Washington University Criticized for Misrepresenting its Admissions and Financial Aid Policy
Oct 14, 2013 Oregon School District Proposes New High School Graduation Requirement: Getting Into College
Sep 27, 2013 Why Diversity in Schools Should Be Treated More Seriously
Sep 13, 2013 College Enrollment Drops for First Time Since 2006
Aug 14, 2013 Study Examines Mismatch Between Students and College Choices
Jul 31, 2013 Research Finds that Business Schools Prioritize Applicants' High Grades Over Challenging Coursework
Jul 30, 2013 College Enrollment Suffers as Economy Improves
Jul 29, 2013 Stanford Tops Forbes' List of Best Colleges for the First Time
Jul 15, 2013 Tufts University Asks Applicants: "What Does YOLO Mean to You?"
Jun 25, 2013 Supreme Court Considers New Limits on Affirmative Action
Jun 7, 2013 Study Shows Facebook Helps First Generation College Applicants Feel More Confident
May 31, 2013 Harvard Business School Application Goes Essay Optional
May 16, 2013 GED Changes Raise Concerns and Create Competition
Apr 2, 2013 Notifying High-Achieving, Low-Income Students of Top Colleges' Affordability Increases Application Rates
Mar 28, 2013 Supreme Court Accepts Second Affirmative Action Case
Mar 25, 2013 Smith College Applicant Rejected on Account of Her Gender
Mar 14, 2013 U.S. News and World Report Releases 2014 Graduate School Rankings
Mar 5, 2013 College Presidents' Public and Private Views About Affirmative Action Differ, Study Finds
Mar 2, 2013 Penn Admissions Officer Mocks Applicants' Essays on Her Facebook Page
Feb 28, 2013 College Board to Revamp the SAT
Jan 19, 2013 More Colleges Consider Using Noncognitive Measures in Application Process
Dec 21, 2012 Guaranteeing Pell Grants Early On Could Boost College Retention Rates, Study Finds
Dec 13, 2012 Many High-Achieving, Low-Income High School Students Never Even Apply to Top Colleges
Dec 1, 2012 Revised GED Test Raises Concerns
Nov 17, 2012 U.S. Court of Appeals Rejects Michigan's Ban on Affirmative Action
Nov 13, 2012 George Washington University Misreported Class-Rank Data
Nov 1, 2012 University of Chicago Launches Initiative to Make College More Accessible for Native Chicago Students
Oct 29, 2012 USC Creates Facebook Game to Help Students Apply to College
Oct 19, 2012 High School Students Who Take College Coursework More Likely to Graduate
Oct 15, 2012 Harvard Law School to Use Video Interviewing in Admissions Process
Oct 12, 2012 Supreme Court Considers Role of Affirmative Action in College Admissions
Oct 6, 2012 Admissions Officers Find More Negative Material Online When Researching College Applicants
Oct 4, 2012 UC Riverside Gains Preliminary Accreditation to Open Full-Time Medical School
Sep 28, 2012 CGS Report Shows Graduate School Applications Went Up, But First-Time Enrollment Went Down
Sep 27, 2012 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to Award $2.5M in Grants for College Apps
Sep 27, 2012 MIT Sloan School of Management Accepted Too Many B-School Students
Sep 25, 2012 SAT Report Reveals that 57 Percent of High School Seniors are Not Prepared for College
Sep 12, 2012 Some Top Business Schools See Drop in MBA Applications
Aug 2, 2012 How Technology is Reshaping the College Application Process
Jul 3, 2012 ACT To Develop College Readiness Tests For Elementary And High School Students
Jun 5, 2012 College Board Criticized For Offering Exclusive Summer SAT
Jun 5, 2012 GMAC Adds Integrated Reasoning Section To New GMAT
May 25, 2012 CA Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Limit Out-Of-State Enrollment At UC
May 21, 2012 Admission Yield Rates Increase At Selective Schools
May 7, 2012 Plenty Of Colleges Still Have Openings This Fall
Apr 18, 2012 University Of California Accepts Record Number Of Out-Of-State Students
Apr 17, 2012 Some High School Students Graduating In Three Years
Apr 12, 2012 UCLA Mistakenly Admits Waitlisted Students
Apr 11, 2012 Waitlisted College Applicants Have Little Chance Of Being Admitted
Apr 2, 2012 Ivy League Colleges Have Record Low Acceptance Rates
Mar 28, 2012 Electronic College Admissions Acceptances Becoming More Popular
Mar 28, 2012 Testers Required To Submit Photo To Take ACT And SAT
Mar 20, 2012 Number Of LSAT Takers Drops To Ten Year Low
Feb 22, 2012 Supreme Court Agrees To Revisit Affirmative Action Case
Feb 15, 2012 ABA Fights For More LSAT Accommodations For Students With Disabilities
Jan 20, 2012 Applications Drop At Ivy League Schools
Dec 20, 2011 Less Colleges Deferring Applicants
Dec 9, 2011 Facebook And Twitter Being Used In College Admissions
Nov 10, 2011 Early Decision Applications Increase At Ivy League Schools
Nov 3, 2011 Early Decision Deadlines Extended Because Of Storm
Oct 25, 2011 Applications To Medical School On The Rise
Oct 20, 2011 Colleges See An Increase In Applications
Oct 10, 2011 Common Application Changes To Accommodate Growth
Sep 22, 2011 Colleges Seek To Add More Students Who Can Pay Full Tuition Rates
Jul 13, 2011 When Choosing A College, Academic Major Is Most Important
Jul 5, 2011 Court Of Appeals Overturns Affirmative Action Ban In Michigan
Jun 21, 2011 Salisbury University Admissions Officially Goes Test-Optional
May 16, 2011 Stanford Adds Optional Alumni Interviews To Application Process
May 2, 2011 Pre-College Programs See Surge In Applications From Elementary And Middle School Students
Apr 19, 2011 University Of California Accepts More Out-Of-State Students For 2011-12
Apr 12, 2011 Colleges Woo Prospective Students, And Their Parents, As May 1 Deadline Approaches
Apr 7, 2011 More Students Find Themselves On College Waitlists
Mar 25, 2011 Board Of Higher Education Requires Students To Take Four Years Of Math For College
Feb 25, 2011 CNU Accidentally Sends 2,000 Acceptance Letters
Feb 17, 2011 DePaul University Admissions Goes Test-Optional
Feb 9, 2011 Data Shows Mixed Results For Advanced Placement Exams
Feb 2, 2011 Harvard Report Advocates For Vocational Training For High School Students
Jan 18, 2011 UC Applications Rise For Fall 2011
Jan 14, 2011 Law Schools May Not Require LSAT Anymore
Jan 10, 2011 Study Shows Legacy Students Have Advantage In College Admissions
Dec 27, 2010 Common Application Frustrates College Applicants
Dec 20, 2010 Early Applicants More Likely To Gain Admission To Colleges
Dec 6, 2010 NACAC Study Shows Poor Ratings For US College Rankings
Dec 1, 2010 UVA Early Admissions Reopened
Aug 19, 2010 More High School Graduates Take ACT But Scores Are Not Increasing
Aug 4, 2010 University Websites Are Not Meeting Expectations Of Prospective Students
Jul 21, 2010 Doctors Question Usefulness Of Personal Statements After Finding Evidence Of Plagiarism
Jul 16, 2010 Some Worry University Of California Is Biased Towards Out-Of-State Tuition
Jul 6, 2010 Universities Embrace Twitter And Social Media
Jul 2, 2010 Experts Debate Over Criminal Background Checks For College Applicants
Jun 28, 2010 New GMAT Will Focus On Business Management Skills
Jun 22, 2010 College Test Prep Courses Becoming More Available
Jun 22, 2010 Minority Enrollment Increases In Higher Education
Jun 21, 2010 NYU Opens A Sister School In Abu Dhabi
Jun 18, 2010 Research Says Socioeconomic Factors And Race Affect SAT Scores
Jun 17, 2010 Despite Challenges Undocumented Students Apply For College
May 18, 2010 Many Colleges Still Accepting Applications
Apr 30, 2010 Record Low Acceptance Rates At Selective Colleges
Apr 29, 2010 More Students Enrolled In College
Apr 27, 2010 Schools Consider Cutting AP Courses
Apr 14, 2010 Record Number Of Students Placed On Waiting Lists
Apr 9, 2010 Foreign Applications To US Graduate Schools Increase
Mar 29, 2010 Putting College Rejection In Perspective
Mar 22, 2010 Study Says Aiming For College Will Not Hurt
Mar 15, 2010 California Students Applying To Out-Of-State Institutions
Mar 5, 2010 Families And Schools Question Cost Of AP Exams
Mar 5, 2010 Schools Facilitate Recruiting With Webcams
Mar 3, 2010 Guidance Counselors Not Helping High School Students Enough
Mar 1, 2010 Private Institutions Recruiting Community College Transfers
Feb 19, 2010 Public Is Frustrated With Higher Education
Feb 18, 2010 Colleges Mistakenly E-Mail Acceptance Letters
Feb 4, 2010 More Students Failing Advanced Placement Courses
Jan 26, 2010 Easy College Applications Play Role In Nationwide Surge
Jan 25, 2010 Study Rates College Acceptance Factors
Jan 19, 2010 Universities Receive Record Number Of Applications
Dec 17, 2009 College Gender Bias Investigation Announced
Dec 9, 2009 More Increases In Early Decision Applications
Dec 4, 2009 Recession Not Deterring Medical School Applicants
Nov 30, 2009 Top Students Being Lured To Local Colleges
Nov 19, 2009 Commission Investigating Role Of Gender In College Admissions
Nov 17, 2009 More Foreign Students Enrolling In American Universities
Nov 16, 2009 Colleges Recruiting More Out-Of-State Students
Nov 6, 2009 High School Seniors Applying For Early Decision
Nov 3, 2009 Students Participating In Virtual College Fairs
Nov 2, 2009 Weighing The Value Of College Test Prep Courses
Oct 21, 2009 Guidance Counselors Facing Cutbacks And Increased Caseloads
Oct 12, 2009 Ithaca College Paying Students To Delay Enrollment
Sep 22, 2009 National 'College Ready' Standards Proposed
Sep 22, 2009 University Of Texas Limits Admission To Top Eight Percent
Sep 21, 2009 College Enrollment Soars Despite Summer Melt
Sep 18, 2009 College Applicants Sending Friend Requests To Admissions Officers
Sep 15, 2009 Experts Weigh In On Effectiveness Of SAT
Aug 29, 2009 GI Bill May Impact Veteran Enrollment At Four Year Colleges
Aug 26, 2009 SAT Scores Drop Slightly As More Students Take Test
Aug 21, 2009 ACT Becoming More Popular
Aug 20, 2009 Princeton Ties Harvard In U.S. News College Rankings
Aug 13, 2009 Colleges Dealing With Summer Melt
Jul 31, 2009 New Report Questions Motives Of 'Test-Optional' Institutions
Jul 28, 2009 Princeton Review Lists Best Value Colleges
Jul 8, 2009 Survey Indicates Most Students Will Enroll In Preferred College
Jun 18, 2009 Military Academy Applications Surge
Jun 10, 2009 Some Private Colleges Admitting Wealthier Applicants
Jun 9, 2009 Survey Says Recession Is Impacting College Choices
May 28, 2009 Texas House Approves Limiting Top Ten Percent Rule
May 20, 2009 Study Says SAT Prep Courses Will Not Significantly Boost Scores
May 7, 2009 Mixed News For College Applicants
May 6, 2009 More Students Unprepared For College
May 5, 2009 Art School Applications Increase Despite Limited Job Prospects
May 1, 2009 Advanced Placement Effectiveness Challenged
Apr 23, 2009 New York University Modifies Standardized Exam Policy
Apr 13, 2009 More Students Placed On College Waiting Lists
Apr 7, 2009 Facebook Changing College Decisions Process
Apr 3, 2009 More Schools Accepting Military Training As College Credit
Apr 2, 2009 Acceptance Rates At Top Schools Reach Record Lows
Apr 1, 2009 College Acceptance Letters Get Flashier
Apr 1, 2009 Journalism School Applications Increasing
Mar 27, 2009 Eliminating Standardized Entrance Exams May Make Colleges More Diverse
Mar 25, 2009 Texas Senate Scales Back Top 10 Percent Law
Mar 13, 2009 Colleges For Women Thrive By Targeting Niche Populations
Mar 9, 2009 Colleges Anxious About Admissions
Feb 17, 2009 Colleges Reporting Increase In Early Admissions
Feb 16, 2009 New College Board Policy Stirs Controversy
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