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DateNews CategoryArticle Title
Jul 2, 2014College LifeStudy: Poor Sleep as Detrimental to Students' GPAs as Binge Drinking
May 16, 2014College LifeSUNY New Paltz Student and Roommates Find $40K in Used Couch…and Give It Back
May 6, 2014College LifeUC Davis Students Protest Racially Insensitive "Cinco de Drinko" Event, Prompting Cancellation
Mar 11, 2014College LifeStudy: Facebook Use Correlates with Disordered Eating
Feb 12, 2014College LifeMichael Sam is First Openly Gay NFL Prospect
Feb 4, 2014College LifeUniversity of Colorado Boulder Addresses Sexism in Philosophy Department
Jan 31, 2014College LifeCollege Football Players File Petition to Unionize
Jan 28, 2014College LifeDebate Continues Over NYU's Expansion Into Unofficial Park Land
Jan 28, 2014College LifeStudents Seek Alternatives to Pricey Textbooks
Jan 15, 2014College LifeCollege Athletes are Not Faring Well in the Classroom
Jan 7, 2014College LifeCollege Students' Internet Habits May Parallel Addiction
Jan 3, 2014College LifeUC System Bans Smoking and Tobacco Use on Campuses
Dec 18, 2013College LifeHarvard Student Arrested For Bomb Hoax to Avoid Final Exam
Dec 16, 2013College LifeNYU Grad Students Become First in Nation to Form Labor Union
Dec 10, 2013College LifeFloating University Stops in Cuba for First Time in Nine Years
Nov 25, 2013College LifeAIER Ranks the Top 75 College Towns and Metros
Nov 18, 2013College LifeMeningitis Outbreak at Princeton University Concerns CDC
Nov 14, 2013College LifeU.S. College Students Aid Relief Efforts for Typhoon Haiyan Victims
Oct 28, 2013College LifeUniversity of Colorado Boulder Bans Costumes that Perpetuate Stereotypes
Oct 21, 2013College LifeStudy Shows College Students are Distracted by Digital Devices in the Classroom
Oct 16, 2013College LifeFacebook Study Reveals How Many College Grads Found Their Spouses in School
Oct 8, 2013College LifeGovernment Shutdown Negatively Impacts Many College Students Nationwide
Oct 1, 2013College LifeCollege Culture May Be Harming Women's Self-Esteem, Study Says
Oct 1, 2013College LifeExcessive Texting Linked to Sleeplessness and Emotional Stress in Students
Sep 30, 2013College LifeCanadian Professor Draws Criticism For "Sexist" Comments
Sep 25, 2013College LifeRateMyProfessors Creates List of Colleges With Most Beloved Professors
Sep 24, 2013College LifeCosmopolitan Article About Hazing Incites Anger and Controversy
Aug 28, 2013College LifeNorth Carolina Now Allows College Students to Bring a Lawyer to Disciplinary Hearings
Aug 27, 2013College LifeRecent Arrests Show Youth Don't Know the Legal Consequences of Online Speech
Aug 16, 2013College LifeAmazon Restricts Students From Taking Some Textbook Rentals to Other States
Aug 8, 2013College LifeSurvey Shows College Students Play Bigger Role in Funding and Managing College Costs
Aug 2, 2013College LifeIndiana's Ball State University Will No Longer Teach Creationism in Science Courses
Jul 31, 2013College LifeParents and College Students Plan to Spend More for Back-to-School Shopping
Jul 8, 2013College LifeUniversity of Denver Students and Faculty Protest Honoring George W. Bush
Jul 2, 2013College LifeJohn McCain Criticizes DOJ's Redefinition of Sexual Assault on College Campuses
Jun 28, 2013College LifeFlorida State College Sophomore Tries to Take Baby To Exam
Jun 26, 2013College LifeRadford University Sent Misspelled Diplomas to Thousands of Graduates
Jun 19, 2013College LifeNYU Criticized for Campus Expansion in the Wake of Student Loan Debt
Jun 18, 2013College LifeNew York Senator Takes a Stand Against Academic Doping
Jun 7, 2013College LifeMt. Hood Community College Instates Solar-Powered Picnic Tables
May 31, 2013College LifeHarvard's Dean to Step Down After Months of Controversy Regarding Cheating Scandal
May 20, 2013College LifeStephen Colbert Speaks at University of Virginia's Commencement
May 20, 2013College LifeU.S. Department of Education Fines Yale University for Misreporting Sexual Crimes
May 17, 2013College LifeDr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Launch a New Arts-Focused Academy at USC
Apr 30, 2013College LifeStudents at Culinary Institute of America Protest Declining Standards At Their School
Apr 25, 2013College LifeDartmouth Cancels Classes Following Threats to Student Protestors
Apr 25, 2013College LifeStudents Accuse Occidental and Swarthmore Colleges of Mishandling Sexual Assault Reports
Apr 22, 2013College LifeStudy Finds Correlation Between Media Use and Poor Academic Performance Among College Women
Apr 18, 2013College LifeBoston College Students Show Support for Boston Marathon Victims
Apr 17, 2013College LifeBeer Pong Balls Can Host Illness-Causing Bacteria, Study Finds
Apr 12, 2013College LifeAlcohol Use and Anxiety Correlated with Increased Facebook Use Among College Students
Apr 5, 2013College LifeWake Forest University Creates Spaces for Relaxation on Campus
Apr 3, 2013College LifeSt. Louis University Threatens Legal Action Over Faculty Survey
Apr 2, 2013College LifeAlumnus Encourages Princeton Women to Find Husbands During College
Mar 29, 2013College LifeBoston College Attempts to Shut Down Condom Giveaways on Campus
Mar 28, 2013College LifeRhodes College Students Create Newspaper for the Homeless
Mar 26, 2013College LifeHarvard Stripped of Quiz Bowl Titles in Cheating Scandal
Mar 11, 2013College LifeHarvard University Administrators Search Deans' Email Accounts
Mar 11, 2013College LifeRacist Incidents on Oberlin Campus Prompt Discussion of How Colleges Should Handle Hate Speech
Mar 8, 2013College LifeUniversity of North Carolina Sexual Assault Scandal Raises Questions About Colleges' Policies
Mar 5, 2013College LifeHarvard Sophomore Proposes an On-Campus Nap Room, Receives Strong Student Support
Feb 21, 2013College LifeAttending a More Diverse College Could Lead to Higher Earnings, Study Finds
Feb 5, 2013College Life350 College Presidents Sign Letter Urging Gun Control
Feb 5, 2013College LifeHarvard Cheating Scandal Ends in Academic Probation and Forced Withdrawals for Some
Feb 1, 2013College LifeConsumer Financial Protection Bureau Investigates Colleges' Financial Product Marketing Practices
Jan 28, 2013College LifeBucknell University Announces Misreporting of SAT Scores from 2006 to 2012
Jan 11, 2013College LifeP.E. Requirements at Universities on the Decline
Dec 13, 2012College LifeUniversity of Iowa Adds Optional LGBT Question to Undergraduate Application
Dec 12, 2012College LifeUC Berkeley Receives $1M Gift for Aid to Undocumented Students
Dec 11, 2012College LifeUC Logo Redesign Sparks Criticism
Dec 4, 2012College LifeTrinity College Enforces a Coed Greek System
Nov 29, 2012College LifeAmericans Proud of U.S. Colleges and Universities But Want More Innovation
Nov 8, 2012College LifeCalifornia Voters Pass Proposition 30
Nov 5, 2012College LifeSpelman College Eliminates Intercollegiate Sports to Focus on Health and Fitness
Oct 18, 2012College LifeGovernor Brown Urges College Students to Support Proposition 30
Oct 13, 2012College LifeFlorida College Hacker Incident Highlights Schools' Security Vulnerabilities
Sep 6, 2012College LifeFinancial Illiteracy Alarmingly Rampant, SEC Study Finds
Aug 31, 2012College LifeHarvard Students Suspected of Cheating on Final Exam
Aug 24, 2012College LifeTop 15 College Majors with High Income Potential
Aug 15, 2012College LifeGeorgetown University Study Shows a College Degree is Still Worthwhile
Aug 15, 2012College LifeDevelopments and Debates in American Study Abroad Programs
Aug 10, 2012College LifeFDIC Orders Higher One and Bancorp Bank to Pay $11 Million to Students for Unfair and Deceptive Practices
Aug 9, 2012College LifeHarvard Study Shows That College Quality Has An Impact on Graduation Rates
Aug 8, 2012College LifeAmazon Launches Textbook Rental Service for College Students
Aug 2, 2012College LifeCollege Students Protest Chick-fil-A
Jun 14, 2012College LifeStudy Finds International Students Are Friendless in U.S.
Jun 13, 2012College LifePublic Universities Focus On College Completion
May 16, 2012College LifeCDC Report: The More Educated Live Longer
May 16, 2012College LifeCollege To Stop Offering Student Health Insurance
May 11, 2012College LifeCSU Board Of Trustees Freeze Pay Raises For Presidents
May 2, 2012College LifeBrown University Helps Providence Close Its Budget Gap
Apr 9, 2012College LifeConnecticut Bill Would End College Remedial Classes
Apr 4, 2012College LifePrinceton Review Identifies The Best 300 College Professors
Mar 29, 2012College LifeNew Research Shows The Best Way To Retain Information Is To Sleep After You Learn It
Mar 26, 2012College LifeStudents And Lawmakers Push For Delay Of Student Loan Interest Rate Increase
Mar 19, 2012College LifeAP Exam Fees Increase For Low Income Students
Mar 5, 2012College LifeState Court Ruling Reverses University Of Colorado Ban On Guns
Feb 22, 2012College LifeHunger Strike Over Employee Living Wages At UVA Continues
Feb 14, 2012College LifeA North Dakota University Awards Degrees To Students Who Did Not Earn Them
Feb 10, 2012College LifeParamount Pictures Reaches Out To Law Schools After SOPA And PIPA Uproar
Feb 9, 2012College LifeStudents Suffer From Norovirus Outbreak At Two New Jersey Universities
Feb 7, 2012College LifeNew Study Focuses On College Success Factors Among African American Male Students
Jan 31, 2012College LifeOfficial At Claremont McKenna Resigns After Falsifying SAT Scores
Jan 26, 2012College LifeAcademically Adrift College Students Struggle After Graduation
Jan 23, 2012College LifeProposed Ohio Bill Would Give Stipend To Student Athletes
Jan 19, 2012College LifeStudents React To Internet Protests Against SOPA And PIPA
Jan 11, 2012College LifeReport Shows Higher Education In Washington State Is Lacking
Jan 4, 2012College LifeFour Black Colleges Sue Maryland Higher Education System For Separate And Unequal Education
Dec 21, 2011College LifeMore College Students Face Mental Health Issues
Dec 21, 2011College LifeNYU Professor Claims James Franco Got Him Fired
Dec 16, 2011College LifeCollege Students At Emory University Step Up To Help Other Students In Need
Dec 15, 2011College LifeFederal Healthcare Provision Gives More Young Adults Access To Health Insurance
Dec 14, 2011College LifeSUNY Stony Brook Receives $150 Million Donation
Dec 13, 2011College LifeStudies Show Many High School Graduates Are Unprepared For College
Dec 12, 2011College LifeColleges Help Students De-Stress During Finals
Dec 7, 2011College LifePresident Obama Meets With College Leaders To Discuss Education Costs
Dec 5, 2011College LifeSalaries Of Presidents At Private Colleges Are Rising
Nov 28, 2011College LifeMeningitis Vaccination Law In Texas Creates Problems For Some Students
Nov 23, 2011College LifeColleges Donate For Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 22, 2011College LifeUC Davis Chancellor Apologizes
Nov 17, 2011College LifeSurvey Shows Engineering Majors Study More
Nov 14, 2011College LifeNo Snacks? No Lab Section, Says One Sac State Professor
Nov 11, 2011College LifeVeterans Fare Better At Colleges With More Support
Nov 10, 2011College LifeUC Berkeley Students Arrested After Occupy Cal Protest
Nov 7, 2011College LifeReport Shows Student Debt Rose Again In 2010
Nov 4, 2011College LifeStanford School Of Business Receives $150 Million Gift
Nov 3, 2011College LifeCollege Students Take A Stand On Bank Transfer Day
Nov 1, 2011College LifeGood News First-Year College Students! Freshman 15 Is Just A Myth
Oct 28, 2011College LifeWisconsin Considers Granting Vocational Diplomas
Oct 25, 2011College LifeObama To Announce New Student Loan Initiative To Help Students Get Out Of Debt
Oct 19, 2011College LifeOutstanding Student Loan Debt Now Exceeds $1 Trillion
Oct 18, 2011College LifeNew Cell Phone Regulations May Benefit College Students The Most
Oct 17, 2011College LifeStudent Banned Then Reinstated After Debit Card Facebook Comments
Oct 14, 2011College LifeOccupy Colleges: Students Protest Rising Tuition And Lack Of Jobs
Oct 6, 2011College LifeEnd Of An Era: College Students Mourn Steve Jobs
Oct 5, 2011College LifeColleges Try To Tackle The Sophomore Slump
Sep 30, 2011College LifeStudents Arrested For SAT Cheating
Sep 29, 2011College LifeUC Berkeley Student Group Holds Controversial Bake Sale
Sep 7, 2011College LifeStudy Says Minority Students Perform Better With Minority Professors
Sep 1, 2011College LifeAmericans Want To Put More Pressure On Students; Chinese Do Not
Aug 31, 2011College LifeCollege Is Not Easy But Still Worth It Say Recent High School Grads
Aug 29, 2011College LifeAfter The Storm: East Coast Colleges Cope With Aftermath Of Hurricane Irene
Aug 26, 2011College LifeMore Parents Are Saving For College
Aug 24, 2011College LifePrinceton University Bans Freshmen From Fraternities And Sororities
Aug 22, 2011College LifeUniversity Of South Carolina Suspends Fraternity Rush After Six Alcohol Violations
Aug 8, 2011College LifeNew Report Examines How Postsecondary Education Affects Salary
Jul 28, 2011College LifeCollege Students Want Textbooks To Go Digital
Jul 21, 2011College LifeLSU Partners With Local Brewery To Teach Students About Fermentation
Jul 21, 2011College LifeStudy Shows California'S College System Is Declining
Jul 18, 2011College LifeUC Berkeley Experiment Examines Voices And Accents
Jun 29, 2011College LifeDespite The Danger College Students Still Use Mobile Apps While Driving
Jun 16, 2011College LifeCollege Students Who Sleep In Drink More And Have Lower GPAs
May 31, 2011College LifeYale Welcomes Navy ROTC Back On Campus
May 25, 2011College LifeNCAA Penalizes 103 Teams For Poor Academic Performance
May 19, 2011College LifeYale University Fraternity Chapter Gets Suspended For Sexual Harassment
May 18, 2011College LifeUC Berkeley Engineers Help Paraplegic Graduate Walk
May 16, 2011College LifeCollege Degree Is Expensive But For Graduates, Well Worth It
May 11, 2011College LifeDNA Study Finds That People Who Completed Less Education Age More Quickly
May 9, 2011College LifeStephen Colbert And Wife Donate To UVa College Of Arts And Sciences
May 5, 2011College LifeOsama Bin Laden'S Death: End Of An Era For Young Adults
May 3, 2011College LifeColleges Discriminate Against Male Athletes To Comply With Title IX
May 3, 2011College LifeMen'S Gymnastics Reinstated As An Intercollegiate Sport At UC Berkeley
May 2, 2011College LifeCollege Students React To Death Of Osama Bin Laden
Apr 20, 2011College LifeHealth Violations Found In NYC College Cafeterias
Apr 15, 2011College Life4 Students Commit Suicide At Prestigious South Korean University
Apr 11, 2011College LifeSupporters Raise Enough To Reinstate UC Berkeley Baseball Program
Apr 8, 2011College LifeYale Examines Sexual Misconduct On Campus
Mar 30, 2011College LifeCornell University Discourages Homework Over Breaks, Yet Students Still Working
Mar 23, 2011College LifePennsylvania College Students Rally Against Education Cuts
Mar 22, 2011College LifeStudents Protest Education Cuts In Nevada
Mar 10, 2011College LifeRepublicans Propose Voting Laws That Would Restrict College Students
Mar 9, 2011College LifeUSC College Of Letters, Arts And Sciences Receives $200 Million Donation
Mar 4, 2011College LifeHarvard Re-Establishes ROTC Presence On Campus
Mar 3, 2011College LifeStudy Led By Brown University Professor Shows Higher Education Lowers Blood Pressure
Feb 24, 2011College LifeCities Lure College Students For Spring Break
Feb 16, 2011College LifeNo-Alcohol Parties Gain Popularity On College Campuses
Feb 14, 2011College LifeUCLA Receives $200 Million Transfer From Lincy Foundation
Feb 1, 2011College LifeAmerican College Students Evacuate Egypt As Political Tensions Rise
Jan 27, 2011College LifeCollege Students Report High Levels Of Stress, Study Shows
Jan 26, 2011College LifeAmerican Colleges Ban Smoking On Campus
Jan 21, 2011College LifeTests Help Students Learn More, Study Shows
Jan 20, 2011College LifeMichelle Obama Urges Students To Study Abroad In China
Dec 29, 2010College LifeMore Students Opt For A Gap Year Before College
Dec 21, 2010College LifeMental Health Concerns Growing At Colleges
Dec 20, 2010College LifeColleges Aim To Relieve Stress Among Students With Fun Activities
Dec 16, 2010College LifeAlcoholic Whipped Cream Is The New Four Loko
Dec 16, 2010College LifeCollege Students With Divorced Parents Pay More For Education
Dec 15, 2010College LifeCollege Graduates Stay In Philadelphia
Nov 24, 2010College LifeHarvard University Bans Couchsurfing Guests
Nov 19, 2010College LifeMove Over Harry Potter: Cal Beats Stanford In First Ever Quidditch Match
Nov 4, 2010College LifeSurvey Shows Despite Challenges, Veterans Are Satisfied With College Experiences
Oct 29, 2010College LifeDartmouth And Cornell Pressure Students To Donate To Senior Class Gift
Oct 15, 2010College LifeObama Fights For Tax Credit That Would Make Education More Affordable
Sep 27, 2010College LifeGrambling State University Email Policy Criticized For Violating First Amendment
Sep 22, 2010College LifeNetiquette 101: Facebook And Other Social Media Change How College Students Breakup
Sep 16, 2010College LifeBedbugs Found In College Dorms Across The Country
Sep 14, 2010College LifeBrown University Students Create Crossword Puzzles For New York Times
Aug 16, 2010College LifeStudy Finds An Increase In Mental Illness Among College Students
Aug 13, 2010College LifeUC Berkeley Modifies Freshmen DNA Testing Project
Aug 6, 2010College LifeMedical School Students At Stanford University Get An Apple IPad During Orientation
Aug 5, 2010College LifePrinceton Review Releases Annual College Rankings
Jul 23, 2010College LifeHousing Officials See More Conflicts Between College Roommates
Jul 13, 2010College LifeUniversity Of Texas To Rename Dorm Named After Klan Leader
Jul 12, 2010College LifeToday'S Students May Have More Effective Study Skills
Jul 8, 2010College LifeDREAM Act Gives Illegal Immigrants A Chance To Stay In U.S.
Jul 6, 2010College LifeStarting School Later Has Significant Impact On Young Adults
Jun 8, 2010College LifeCollege Students Feel Less Empathy
Jun 7, 2010College LifeSome Colleges Allowing Pets On Campus
Jun 3, 2010College LifeHelicopter Parents Impeding Their Children'S Progress In College
Apr 20, 2010College LifeHealth Insurers Will Extend Coverage To College Students Early
Apr 19, 2010College LifeCollege Students And Professors Affected By Iceland Volcano
Apr 2, 2010College LifeCollege Students Recommend Marijuana Over Alcohol
Mar 30, 2010College LifeCopying Homework Lowers Student Performance Up To Two Letter Grades, Triples Failure Rate
Mar 19, 2010College LifeCollege Students Urged To Participate In Census
Mar 18, 2010College LifeThe Little Schoolhouse That Could
Mar 17, 2010College LifeMore Schools Providing Gender-Neutral Housing
Mar 9, 2010College LifeStudy Says Young Adults Worry About Staying In College
Feb 26, 2010College LifeStudents Increasing Census Awareness On Campus
Feb 16, 2010College Life'The Philospher Kings' Explores The Lives Of College Custodians
Feb 8, 2010College LifeRecord Snowfall Disrupts Higher Education
Jan 25, 2010College LifeMore College Students Seeking Counseling
Jan 20, 2010College LifeColleges Respond To Haiti Disaster
Jan 14, 2010College LifeAmerican Students In Haiti Found Safe
Dec 29, 2009College LifeColleges Offer Ways To De-Stress During Exams
Dec 15, 2009College LifeExperts Provide Financial Advice For College Grads
Dec 8, 2009College LifeLincoln University Drops BMI Requirement
Dec 7, 2009College LifeCollege Students Urged To Get Swine Flu Vaccine
Nov 20, 2009College LifeUniversity Requiring Course For Obese Students
Nov 19, 2009College LifeSwine Flu Cases Decrease At Colleges
Oct 30, 2009College LifeColleges Seeing A Surge In Flu Cases
Oct 15, 2009College LifeHealthcare Legislation Will Allow Students To Remain On Parents' Plans
Sep 15, 2009College LifeSwine Flu Spreading At Colleges
Aug 25, 2009College LifeColleges Preparing For Swine Flu
May 18, 2009College LifeWeb Changing How College Students Study
May 15, 2009College LifeGraduations Affected By Recession And Swine Flu
May 13, 2009College LifeMore Colleges Offering Gender-Neutral Housing
May 8, 2009College LifeNew Technology Requirements At University Of Missouri
May 6, 2009College LifeNew Electronic Textbook Reader Could Lighten Backpacks
May 4, 2009College LifeMany College Students Forgoing Health Insurance
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