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Aug 1, 2014College TrendsMillions of U.S. Adults Have Some College Experience, But No Degree
Jul 29, 2014College TrendsNew College Rankings Highlight Affordability, Earnings
Jun 9, 2014College TrendsUniversity of Texas at Austin's Controversial New Dress Code for Nursing Students Goes Viral
May 28, 2014College TrendsStudy: College Students' Participation in Greek Life Correlates with Happiness Later in Life
May 20, 2014College TrendsSacked NY Times Editor Jill Abramson Makes First Public Appearance Since Firing at Wake Forest Commencement
May 19, 2014College TrendsPew Research Study: Median Net Worth of under-40 College Grads with Student Debt Is Only $8,700
May 15, 2014College TrendsStudy: College Football Can Cause Structural Differences in the Brain
May 14, 2014College TrendsSean "Diddy" Combs Delivers Emotional Commencement Speech at Howard University
May 9, 2014College TrendsStudy: Almost One in Five Ivy League Students Uses Stimulants
May 8, 2014College TrendsAmherst College Bans Both On-Campus and Off-Campus Fraternities and Sororities
May 7, 2014College TrendsRutgers Rescinds Commencement Speech Offer from Eric LeGrand Following Condoleezza Rice Controversy
Apr 30, 2014College TrendsDuke Students Lead "You Don't Say" Campaign to Battle Offensive Phrases and Language
Apr 22, 2014College TrendsBryant University Prohibits Students from Taking Selfies at Graduation
Apr 17, 2014College TrendsF.B.I.: Students Studying Overseas Are Being Targeted for Espionage Activity
Apr 16, 2014College TrendsUniversity of Southern Maine Backs off Plans to Lay Off a Dozen Faculty Amid Student Protests
Apr 14, 2014College TrendsLawmakers Press U.S. News & World Report to Include Campus Safety in College Rankings
Apr 11, 2014College TrendsCollege Students Turn to Food Pantries to Battle Hunger
Apr 11, 2014College TrendsYale Threatens Student with Suspension for Being Too Thin
Apr 4, 2014College TrendsStudent Athletes Consider Unionization
Apr 1, 2014College TrendsUniversity of Minnesota Students and Faculty Urge College to Rescind Condoleezza Rice Invite
Mar 18, 2014College TrendsTufts University Offers Public Service Abroad Program to Incoming Students
Mar 11, 2014College TrendsTexas A&M to Offer Sleep Pods for Students Who Need Quick Naps
Mar 10, 2014College TrendsStudents Push for Bitcoin in Higher Ed Sphere
Mar 6, 2014College TrendsNew Jersey Teen Sues Parents for Financial Support and School Tuition
Mar 5, 2014College TrendsEESA and Other Groups Evacuate Study Abroad Students from Ukraine, as Tensions Escalate
Mar 4, 2014College Trends"Generation Study Abroad" Initiative Aims to Double Number of College Students Who Study Abroad
Mar 3, 2014College TrendsUniversity of California Strike Averted, as Union Reaches Agreement with University Officials
Feb 28, 2014College TrendsData Breach at Indiana University Leaves Students' and Alumni's Personal Information Exposed
Feb 26, 2014College TrendsAdjunct Professors at Lesley University Vote Yes on Unionization
Feb 19, 2014College TrendsCollege Textbook Paints Reagan as Sexist, Elitist
Feb 13, 2014College TrendsReport Shows Opinions Towards For-Profit Colleges Are Mixed
Jan 27, 2014College TrendsFlawed Princeton Study Predicts Facebook's Demise
Jan 23, 2014College TrendsStudy Shows That Wage Gap between Liberal Arts and Professional Majors Significantly Reduces in the Long Run
Jan 16, 2014College TrendsPresident Obama Holds Summit to Discuss Higher Education Access for Low-Income Students
Jan 9, 2014College TrendsUC Berkeley's Janet Yellen Confirmed as Fed Chair
Dec 5, 2013College TrendsMeta-Analysis Shows Playing Video Games Can Have Positive Effects
Dec 4, 2013College TrendsBudget Cuts Cause Some Colleges to Cut Key Academic Programs
Dec 2, 2013College TrendsCongress Calls for Open Source Textbook Libraries for College Students
Nov 26, 2013College TrendsCollege Abuse of Adderall On the Rise
Nov 14, 2013College TrendsMichelle Obama Launches Education Initiative with Talk at High School
Nov 12, 2013College TrendsStudy: Students Choosing Practicality Over Passion When It Comes to College Major
Nov 11, 2013College TrendsMinority Students and Parents Value College More Than Whites Do, Study Finds
Nov 6, 2013College TrendsAbout 50 Percent of College Students are First Generation, and Face Unique Challenges
Oct 29, 2013College TrendsStudent-Athlete Graduation Rates Are Up, Study Says
Oct 26, 2013College TrendsFormer UC Davis Police Officer from Pepper Spray Incident to Receive More Than $38K in Settlement
Oct 24, 2013College TrendsMore Professors Use Social Media as a Teaching Tool
Oct 10, 2013College TrendsObama Nominates UC Berkeley's Janet Yellen for New Fed Chair
Oct 9, 2013College TrendsAffordable Care Act Causes Confusion for Many College Students
Oct 2, 2013College TrendsUndervaluing the Liberal Arts in the Workplace is Detrimental to Everyone, Experts Say
Sep 18, 2013College TrendsPayScale Reveals Rankings of Colleges Whose Graduates Earn the Most
Sep 17, 2013College TrendsTexas Professors' Supportive Email Seen as Racially Exclusive
Sep 12, 2013College TrendsU.S. News and World Report Releases 2014 Undergraduate Rankings
Sep 3, 2013College TrendsStudy Reveals Surprising Data on the Value of College Degrees
Aug 28, 2013College TrendsNationwide Recycling Program Helps Colleges Dispose of E-Waste
Aug 16, 2013College TrendsNYU Announces Its President Will Step Down in 2016
Aug 7, 2013College TrendsUC Adopts Open Access Policy for Academic Research Papers
Aug 6, 2013College TrendsGeorge Saunders Urges Syracruse Graduates to, Above All, Be Kind
Aug 1, 2013College TrendsRacial Disparities in College Attainment Persist, Study Shows
Jul 25, 2013College TrendsCornell Launches New One-Year MBA Program in NYC
Jul 24, 2013College TrendsUC Berkeley Introduces a $60,000 Master's Degree in Big Data
Jul 23, 2013College TrendsU.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Confirmed as First Female President of UC
Jul 23, 2013College TrendsNorth Carolina Senate Proposes Bill That Would Enforce Stricter Voter ID Requirements
Jul 16, 2013College TrendsTheories Abound About What Caused America's Humanities Crisis, and Whether It Actually Exists
Jun 13, 2013College TrendsReport Reveals Why Republican Party Fails to Appeal to Young Voters
Jun 11, 2013College TrendsCollege Student Sleep Patterns May Influence Choice of Major
Jun 11, 2013College TrendsHarvard Encourages Humanities Majors in the STEM Age
Jun 5, 2013College TrendsStudy Shows New England Struggles to Retain Recent College Graduates
May 23, 2013College TrendsNew ETS Exam Measures Students' Non-Academic Skills
May 22, 2013College Trends90-Year-Old Student Graduates with Third Master's Degree
May 16, 2013College TrendsUK College Launches Degree in Heavy Metal
May 13, 2013College TrendsMedian Salaries for Presidents of U.S. Public Colleges Reached Over $400,000 This Year
May 10, 2013College TrendsStudy Finds More Hispanic High School Students Enrolling in College
Apr 29, 2013College TrendsAmerican Students Flock to Canadian Universities for Lower Tuition Costs
Apr 25, 2013College TrendsStudy Finds "Dumb Jock" Stereotype Detrimental to Student Athletes' Academic Performance
Apr 22, 2013College TrendsAmherst College Rejects MOOC Provider EdX
Apr 8, 2013College TrendsAssemblyman Proposes a Fourth California University System With No Courses
Mar 23, 2013College TrendsDeclining Teaching Loads Could Be Increasing College Costs
Mar 21, 2013College TrendsColumbia University Selects Steve Coll as New Journalism Dean
Mar 21, 2013College TrendsBudget Cuts in Higher Education and Increased Student Costs Will Harm the Economy Over Time, Experts Say
Mar 20, 2013College TrendsU.S. Department of Education Encourages Competency Based Learning
Mar 7, 2013College TrendsTimes Higher Education Releases List of World's Most Reputable Universities
Mar 1, 2013College TrendsHarvard University Tops Wealth-X's List of Wealthiest Alumni
Feb 25, 2013College TrendsCollege Film Students Present Awards at the 85th Oscars Ceremony
Feb 22, 2013College TrendsStudy Shows that Women Perform Better in College Than Men
Feb 22, 2013College TrendsStanford Sets Fundraising Record for Colleges and Universities
Feb 8, 2013College TrendsBrown University's Student Health Insurance Plan Will Cover Sex Reassignment Surgery
Feb 1, 2013College TrendsUnity College Leads the Way in Climate Change Curriculum
Jan 26, 2013College TrendsNational Report Finds That College Dropout Rate is a National Crisis
Jan 25, 2013College TrendsUniversity of Wisconsin to Offer Bachelor's Degrees That Do Not Require Class Time
Jan 22, 2013College TrendsReport Urges Colleges to Pay More Attention to Adult and Non-Traditional Learners
Jan 19, 2013College TrendsDartmouth Will No Longer Accept AP Scores for Course Credit
Jan 18, 2013College TrendsMoody's Downgrades Higher Education Outlook
Jan 17, 2013College TrendsIncoming Freshmen Required to Buy iPad Mini at Lynn University
Jan 15, 2013College TrendsParental Financial Support in College Demotivates Students, Study Finds
Jan 8, 2013College TrendsStudy Shows That Segregation Is Still Present in U.S. Higher Education
Jan 4, 2013College TrendsCalifornia Legislator Proposes $10K Bachelor's Degree
Dec 14, 2012College TrendsNewberry College Introduces Social Media as a Major
Dec 11, 2012College TrendsGeorgetown Joins Six Other Universities in Offering EdX Online Courses
Dec 10, 2012College TrendsDecline in J.D. Employment Leads Many to Reconsider Law School
Dec 8, 2012College TrendsU.S. Producing Fewer Two-Year Degree Holders Relative to Other Countries
Nov 8, 2012College TrendsCollege Students and Young Voters Played a Big Role in Obama's Re-Election
Nov 7, 2012College TrendsPew Research Center Report Shows Record Number of Young Adults Have a Bachelor's Degree
Nov 2, 2012College TrendsColleges Implement Tobacco-Free Policies
Oct 31, 2012College TrendsPoll Shows Obama is the Favorite Among Young Voters
Oct 30, 2012College TrendsStudy Shows College Professors are More Politically Liberal or Far Left
Oct 27, 2012College TrendsNCAA: Graduation Rates for Football and Men's Basketball Players Reach Record High
Oct 23, 2012College TrendsMSU Study Shows Twitter Can Improve Student Learning
Oct 18, 2012College TrendsOnline Course Program edX Expands and Launches New Harvard Courses
Oct 12, 2012College TrendsU.S. Liberal Arts Colleges On the Decline
Oct 11, 2012College TrendsCollege Enrollment Drops for the First Time in 15 Years
Oct 5, 2012College TrendsCandidates Try to Appeal to College Voters During First Presidential Debate
Oct 1, 2012College TrendsFlu Season Has Started Yet Most College Students Don't Get a Flu Shot
Sep 21, 2012College TrendsLife Expectancy Drops Significantly for Less-Educated White Women
Sep 20, 2012College TrendsConsumers Turn to Social Media for Back-to-School Shopping
Sep 14, 2012College TrendsU.S. News College Rankings: Are They Accurate?
Sep 11, 2012College TrendsEastern Michigan University Temporarily Brings Back Huron Mascot
Sep 6, 2012College TrendsWill College Students Vote in the Presidential Election?
Sep 4, 2012College TrendsObama Asks American College Students to Keep the Faith
Aug 31, 2012College TrendsFlorida State University Instructor Criticized for Klout Project
Aug 30, 2012College TrendsMore Colleges Offer Classes in Beer Brewing
Aug 28, 2012College TrendsBig Wins in Sports Brings More College Applicants
Aug 23, 2012College TrendsCalifornia Senate Bars University Access to Students' Social Media Accounts
Aug 22, 2012College TrendsTwo Universities Ban Student-Athletes from Using Certain Words on Social Media Sites
Aug 1, 2012College TrendsSurvey Shows College Students Are Spending Less on Textbooks
Jul 3, 2012College TrendsFederal Judge Overturns Gainful Employment Rules
Jun 28, 2012College TrendsMore Colleges Push For Three Year Degrees
Jun 21, 2012College TrendsTeams Form Around Head Trauma Research In Sports
Jun 19, 2012College TrendsStates Look For Ways To Revamp Remedial Classes
Jun 11, 2012College TrendsLaw School Grads Face Worst Job Market In Years
Jun 8, 2012College TrendsCalifornia Needs More College Graduates By 2025
Jun 4, 2012College TrendsOhio Board Of Regents May Push All Colleges To Go Smoke-Free
May 31, 2012College TrendsCollege Graduates Flock To Major Metropolitan Areas
May 30, 2012College TrendsCalifornia Colleges Reduce Summer Course Offerings
May 29, 2012College TrendsCollege Students Are Spending Less Time Studying
May 22, 2012College TrendsCompensation For Public University Presidents Rises
May 18, 2012College TrendsStudy Reveals ISU Students Are Not Aware Of Their Debt
May 14, 2012College TrendsUS Has Best Higher Education System, New Study Says
May 10, 2012College TrendsFewer California High School Graduates Enroll In State Public Colleges
May 8, 2012College TrendsSome States And Colleges Help Undocumented Immigrants Attend College
May 1, 2012College TrendsBarnes And Noble And Microsoft Team Up To Push Etextbooks
Apr 26, 2012College TrendsMore Colleges Try Pinterest For Social Media Marketing
Apr 25, 2012College TrendsUniversity Of Florida To Gut Computer Science Department
Apr 24, 2012College TrendsStudy Shows Most College Graduates Are Jobless Or Underemployed
Apr 20, 2012College TrendsGraduate Students Need Better Career Counseling
Apr 16, 2012College TrendsEducation Department Changing The Way It Measures Graduation Rate
Mar 27, 2012College TrendsReport Shows College Attainment Is Rising But Not Fast Enough
Mar 26, 2012College TrendsFriend Or Foe: University Of Texas Professor Creates Enemy Facebook App
Mar 21, 2012College TrendsIncreased Smartphone Use Among College Students Is Both Good And Bad
Mar 20, 2012College TrendsPew Research Center Study Shows Gen Y Okay With Living At Home
Mar 19, 2012College TrendsReport Shows U.S. High School Graduation Rates Are On The Rise
Mar 16, 2012College TrendsStudy Shows Millennials Think 'It'S All About Me'
Mar 15, 2012College TrendsMore College Students Own Tablets This Year Than Last
Mar 12, 2012College TrendsEmployers And Colleges Insist On Full Access To Applicants' And Students' Facebook Profiles
Mar 7, 2012College TrendsStudent Protesters Arrested At California State Capitol Building In Sacramento
Mar 6, 2012College TrendsReport On Student Loan Debt Causes Alarm
Mar 5, 2012College TrendsMore Colleges Creating Three Year Degree Programs
Mar 2, 2012College TrendsGMAC Reports That A Record Number Of Women Are Seeking MBAs
Mar 2, 2012College TrendsSchools Pledge To Make Washington DC The Greenest College Town In America
Mar 1, 2012College TrendsPaid Summer Internships Expected To Increase
Feb 29, 2012College TrendsStudies Find That Many College Students Could Skip Remedial Courses
Feb 28, 2012College TrendsStudy Finds That One Third Of College Students Transfer Schools
Feb 27, 2012College TrendsOnline Presense Can Affect Scholarship And Job Opportunities
Feb 24, 2012College TrendsMore American Adults Hold Bachelor'S Degrees Than Ever Before
Feb 17, 2012College TrendsColleges Report Outbreaks Of Lice And Bedbugs
Feb 15, 2012College TrendsGifts To Colleges Increased In 2011
Feb 14, 2012College TrendsCollege Board Report Shows Many Capable Students Do Not Take AP Exams
Feb 13, 2012College TrendsStudy Shows Education Gap Between Rich And Poor Is Growing
Feb 9, 2012College TrendsCollege Decreases Chances Of Getting Married For Disadvantaged Students
Feb 8, 2012College TrendsShippensburg University Offers Plan B In Campus Vending Machine
Feb 6, 2012College TrendsBusiness Schools Recruit More Veterans
Feb 3, 2012College TrendsUniversity Of Vermont To Stop Selling Bottled Water In 2013
Feb 2, 2012College TrendsDisgruntled Law School Graduates Sue Schools
Feb 1, 2012College TrendsCollege Endowments Show Growth In 2011
Jan 24, 2012College TrendsMoody'S Report Predicts Mixed Outlook For Higher Education
Jan 23, 2012College TrendsApple E-Textbook Initiative Off To A Good Start
Jan 20, 2012College TrendsColleges Test E-Textbook Program For Bulk Savings
Jan 12, 2012College TrendsPolitical Engagement Among College Students At All Time Low
Jan 9, 2012College TrendsFederal Judge Says Law Schools Need To Change
Jan 5, 2012College TrendsDaytona State College Rethinks Push For E-Textbooks
Jan 3, 2012College TrendsUC Berkeley Chooses Google Over Microsoft For Campus Email
Dec 13, 2011College TrendsUniversity Of Nebraska At Kearney Defends Itself Against Housing Discrimination Lawsuit
Dec 6, 2011College TrendsStudy Says Gender And Income Affect College Completion
Dec 5, 2011College TrendsUCF College Students Hold Rise Up Protest
Dec 1, 2011College TrendsColleges Worry About Increasing Illegal Use Of 'Study Drugs'
Nov 28, 2011College TrendsPopularity Of Digital Textbooks Continues To Grow
Nov 21, 2011College TrendsBoomerang Kid Phenomenon Has Far-Reaching Effects
Nov 18, 2011College TrendsStudy Shows Job Market For College Graduates Should Improve
Nov 15, 2011College TrendsColleges Encourage More Students To Consider STEM Majors
Nov 14, 2011College TrendsMore Students Choosing To Study Abroad
Nov 9, 2011College TrendsCollege Endowments Surging But Still Not At Pre-Recession Levels
Nov 8, 2011College TrendsEnrollment Of Foreign Graduate School Students Rises
Nov 7, 2011College TrendsStudents Need To Learn How To Not Plagiarize
Oct 28, 2011College TrendsGraduation Rates Among College Athletes Continues To Increase, Says NCAA
Oct 14, 2011College TrendsPearson And Google Launch Free Learning Management System
Oct 13, 2011College TrendsNew Study Shows That Certain Facebook Activity May Be Linked To Higher GPA
Sep 28, 2011College TrendsStudy Finds Part-Time Students Are Less Likely To Graduate
Sep 26, 2011College TrendsSewanee Students Complain Of Reduced Scholarships
Sep 23, 2011College TrendsGraduate School Enrollment Falls
Sep 16, 2011College TrendsStudy Says More College Graduates Are Filing For Bankruptcy
Sep 15, 2011College TrendsCollege Board Report Shows SAT Scores Declined For Class Of 2011
Sep 14, 2011College TrendsGMAC Report Shows A Decline In Applications To MBA Programs
Sep 14, 2011College TrendsReport Says America Lags In College Completion
Sep 6, 2011College TrendsGates To Become Chancellor At College Of William And Mary
Sep 1, 2011College TrendsStudents Purchasing More E-Textbooks
Aug 30, 2011College TrendsStudy Shows More Hispanics Are Going To College
Aug 23, 2011College TrendsBeloit College Releases Mindset List For Class Of 2015
Aug 23, 2011College TrendsEconomy Loses Billions Due To College Dropouts
Aug 18, 2011College TrendsSurvey Shows Women Value College More Than Men
Aug 17, 2011College TrendsGraduate Schools Accept More International Students
Aug 16, 2011College TrendsStudent Wants Cornell University To Stop Charging For Internet
Aug 8, 2011College TrendsStudy Shows Social Networking Can Be Good And Bad For Young Adults
Aug 4, 2011College TrendsSony Lets Students And Programmers Experiment With New PlayStation Move Controller
Jul 27, 2011College TrendsWant To Stand Out To Employers? Get A Master'S Degree
Jul 20, 2011College TrendsStudy Shows College Students Lead In Internet Use And Tech Gadget Ownership
Jul 19, 2011College TrendsAmazon Launches Kindle Textbook Rental For College Students
Jun 27, 2011College TrendsReport Says U.S. Needs An Additional 20 Million College Graduates By 2025
Jun 22, 2011College TrendsOregon House Passes Bill To Raise College Completion Rates By 2025
Jun 21, 2011College TrendsCollege Board Reports Show That All Minority Men Face Educational Barriers
Jun 8, 2011College TrendsYoung Adults With High Debt Have Greater Self-Esteem
May 24, 2011College TrendsResearchers Analyze The Earnings Of Specific Undergraduate Degrees
May 17, 2011College TrendsStudent Loan Debt And Tough Job Market Send College Graduates Back Home
May 4, 2011College TrendsReport Shows Prison Inmates Have Limited Access To College Education
May 4, 2011College TrendsYouTube Partners With USC And Columbia College Chicago To Offer Filmmaking Courses
Apr 26, 2011College TrendsMe, Myself And I: Studies Show College Students Are More Narcissistic Than Before
Apr 20, 2011College TrendsYoung Adults Say They Are Unsatisfied With Their High School Education
Apr 12, 2011College TrendsU.S. Graduate School Applications From International Students On The Rise
Apr 4, 2011College TrendsMonty To The Rescue: Yale Helps Law Students De-Stress
Mar 30, 2011College TrendsTeachers And Twitter: Professors Who Post Personal Tweets Are More Credible, Study Shows
Mar 25, 2011College TrendsSpring Break And Melanoma: College Students Beware
Mar 18, 2011College TrendsUniversities Across The US Begin Recalling Students Studying Abroad In Japan
Mar 17, 2011College TrendsGraduation Rates Of Student Athletes On The Forefront As March Madness Begins
Mar 10, 2011College TrendsStanford University Said To Give Student Athletes List Of Easy Classes
Mar 1, 2011College TrendsMeatless Monday Stirs Up Controversy At Bowdoin College
Feb 28, 2011College TrendsTanning Salons Attract More College Students Despite Risks Of Skin Cancer
Feb 28, 2011College TrendsUVA Spices Curricula Up With Flash Seminars
Feb 24, 2011College TrendsStudents Say They Feel Guilty When Texting In Class
Feb 15, 2011College TrendsNCAA Study Shows Student-Athletes Spend Less Time On Academics
Feb 14, 2011College TrendsApple IPad Passes Reed College Test
Feb 10, 2011College TrendsGates Foundation Invests $2 Million In Social Media Product To Improve College Retention
Feb 2, 2011College TrendsAmerican Colleges Receive 28 Billion Dollars In Donations In 2010
Jan 31, 2011College TrendsGovernor Bobby Jindal Defends UNO And SUNO Merger
Jan 28, 2011College TrendsCollege Retention Rates Improve At Two Year Schools, Decline At Four Year Schools
Jan 19, 2011College TrendsNew Study Finds That College Students Are Not Learning
Jan 18, 2011College TrendsStudy Reveals Top Cities For College Graduates
Jan 14, 2011College TrendsCollege Graduation Rates Important To Parents, Study Shows
Jan 11, 2011College TrendsCollege Board Revamps A.P. Biology And U.S. History Exams
Jan 6, 2011College TrendsText Messaging And Facebook Replace Email For Younger Generation
Dec 30, 2010College TrendsUniversities Introduce Accelerated Degree Programs
Dec 22, 2010College TrendsAmerican Students Head To U.K. For College
Dec 13, 2010College TrendsNearly 90 Percent Of Graduates Say College Was Worth It
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