Career Story: Product Support Analyst At A Healthcare Information Company

Product Support Analyst At A Healthcare Information Company

Job Title: Product Support Services Analyst

Education: BA in Economics, Union College •• MBA, Northeastern University

Previous Experience: I worked as a Mutual Fund Accountant after college. Then I worked in a Women's Health Clinic while in grad school as a patient advocate. I started at my present company as an Implementation Manager, implementing accounting software in hospitals.

Job Tasks: I work for a healthcare information systems company. I am responsible for resolving customer issues with our financial/cost accounting and budgeting software.

Most of my job involves problem solving. I receive an issue report from a customer and then it is my job to investigate the problem and provide the customer with a solution. I work with the customer to understand the problem on the phone and through an internet-based remote desktop connection so I can "see" their workstation. Sometimes I am able to solve the problem for the customer without assistance. Sometimes the problem is a software bug I then need to work with development and quality assurance to create a fix and deliver the fix to the customer. Sometimes the problem is not a bug but still requires technical assistance from a developer.

When I receive a client issue I am responsible for contacting the client promptly. I am responsible for providing quick, courteous and efficient support. I need to track all work on an issue in a support database. That means logging any phone calls or e-mails or research done on the issue. Once the issue is resolved, I am responsible for creating a "solution report" to attach to the issue in case another client reports the same problem. Once a client is satisfied with the solution, the issue can be closed.

Success in my job requires a good comfort level with technology. I am able to work remotely from home which offers great flexibility for me. I need to work quickly and efficiently. I am expected to close as many issues as possible during a work week and my productivity is tracked by management.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of the job is the satisfaction you get from helping people solve problems. The other great part of the job is being able to work from home.

The worst part of the job is that in customer service you often hear more about when customers are unhappy than when they are happy!

Job Tips:
1. The best way to be a success in an information technology support role, is to have first worked either as a customer with the product or in the field face to face with clients. It gives you the depth of knowledge necessary to then solve a range of client issues.

2. Another key to success is to be open to new technology. Always try to be on the cutting edge of advances in the information technology industry.

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