Career Story: Detention Hall Monitor At A Vocational School

Detention Hall Monitor At A Vocational School

Job Title: Teacher

Type of Company: I work in a high school.

Education: BS, Business Education •• 30 hours of graduate-level course work

Previous Experience: I worked in a stock broker's office and as a hospital transcriptionist for Dr. Notes.

Job Tasks: I log in students who have been suspended. There is a daily log for each student and it identifies what grade and shop the student is in. It also includes the number of days the student will be in the room as a result of the suspension. I also log in students who've been sent out of the class or shop for more trivial infractions. I log in the time, the name of the student, his or her shop and grade, the person sending the student down and the length of the time the student will stay. I also note the reason why the student was sent. There are many phone calls throughout the day checking to see if the assigned student is here, often the main office checking to see if a student is here.

This is how a day in in-school suspension works. A student reports to shop or homeroom for daily attendance. He or she then goes to the front office to sign in so that throughout the day if there is any question about where the student is, he can be accounted for. From there, the student goes to the cafeteria for lunch and reports to the in-school suspension room for the day. Lunch goes in the fridge, and we start the day with 20-minutes of silent reading. From there, the miscreant works on a packet with the topic being the reason for the suspension and does his shop and academic work. They have free use of the bathroom which is in the room. They are dismissed at the end of the day from the in-school room.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: Frustration sets in when I don't know how many students are coming. Also, when the student arrives with no work; I notify shop instructors, classroom teachers about getting work for the student. In the course of the day, as students pass, they may stop in or yell in to people in the room.

Job Tips: Be strong. Have good principles to work by. Be sure to develop a good work ethic. Believe in yourself. Be the best in what you do. Be sure to know your material. Start strong with any class and only as time goes on, and you get to know them and they get to know you, things can change.

Additional Thoughts: I love what I do and always wanted to be a teacher. So there's not much I would change.

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