Career Story: File Clerk For A Medical Clinic

File Clerk For A Medical Clinic

Job Title: File Clerk

Type of Company: I work for a medical clinic.

Education: High School

Previous Experience: I worked as a typist.

Job Tasks: I deliver mail, medical records and reports to the clinic's floors. I retrieve patient records from storage and pull reports and file them. (Always check, by the way, that the report is for the correct patient by checking the date of birth, the patient # and the doctor. You wouldn't believe how easy it is to place a report in the wrong patient's file.) I answer phone calls from patients and from doctor's offices. Sometimes a doctor will ask for specific information from a chart, like blood pressure numbers or test results. But when a patient requests a record, you always have to make sure that you ask for ID and that you check the names and birth dates to ensure they correspond. If someone wants an x-ray you have to call the radiology department to get the original and have the patient sign it out. There are so many rules and regulations.

Of course, you have to be careful that people are who they say they are. You have to be patient with them too -- especially with the doctors who believe they rule the world and that you're only there to make life easier for them. In my line of work, patience is a virtue, and I strive to be a virtuous person. Making copies of the reports is not so easy. Some reports are double-sided; some are small and won't go through the copier and you have to lay them on the glass one by one. But remember to smile... that always goes a long way.

I believe if I had continued my education, I'd be more than a file clerk. But now that I am close to retirement, I've put ambition behind me. After being married and raising five children and putting them through school, though, I still wouldn't change my life. I enjoy what I am doing. And a job that you feel comfortable at ain't so bad really.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is having a doctor compliment me for getting a report and reading it to him over the phone and then faxing it to his office. It's also nice when the nurses say thank you for getting reports to the floor on time. When a patient receives a report from you and says thank you, you feel like you are doing some good in this world.

Job Tips: When dealing with patients' records, always check to make sure you've got the right one. Check the date of birth and the spelling of names: both the patient's and her doctor's. Keep in mind at all times that the information you are seeing on a daily basis is confidential. Try to be courteous. Always be on time reporting for work and delivering records.

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