Career Story: Software Developer For A Global Company

Software Developer For A Global Company

Job Title: Software Developer

Education: MS in Computer Science

Previous Experience: I worked as a software engineer in a Multinational company before moving to the US.

Job Tasks: I am a part of a software development team where we develop software for global clients. Various projects include, software for Online Banking and ATM transactions for banks, providing software solutions to government organizations to better help the community.

A software engineer works in teams. Team work is very important and is given high regard. The processes involved to synchronize a big project, for example online banking for a bank, are considered to be the key in any successful completion of a project.

I spent most of my time in office in front of my computer working on the small chunk of work assigned to me. My work gets reviewed regularly and I ought to be responsible for the work I do. We (team members) have team meetings regularly to review our work and determine where we stand in the progress of the project. Most of the projects follow a similar pattern.

The best part about this job is that after establishing ourselves in our domain of work, we will be given opportunities to work abroad. Since this software sector is a global market, opportunities to work in various countries and learning their culture and experiencing life in a different aspect is an added bonus. The climb to the top from a regular software developer to a project manager doesn't take a lifetime. A very capable person can do it in 3-4 years.

I love my work and the pay is good. I encourage young people who are interested to work with computers and want to make the world a better and easy place to live to pursue their career in Computer Science.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: Ironically best and the worst parts of my job according to me are the same. Sitting in front of the computer for a long time has negative health consequences, but sitting infront of the computer makes you feel good when you get the work done.

Job Tips:
1. While pursuing studies in computer science, hands-on experience is all that counts.

2. Prior work experience is an added advantage when looking out for a new job. Firms prefer experienced persons over fresh college graduates.

3. There is higher chance of jumping from one company to another for financial gain without loss of knowledge.

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