Career Story: Software Technical Support Engineer For A CAD Software Company

Software Technical Support Engineer For A CAD Software Company

Job Title: Technical Support Engineer

Type of Company: I work for the software company that produces the industry-leading CAD software and data management software.

Education: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University

Previous Experience: After serving in the Army, I took an internship in the engineering department at Hunter Industries.

Job Tasks: I help the users of our software when they have problems doing what they want to do. The software is very complex and it can take years to learn. With complexity come bugs; it's inevitable that something will be missed. I also work to reproduce and submit such bugs to our development team for resolution.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of the job is that I'm constantly learning. There is so much to pick up! My mind is constantly active, and I'm always solving puzzles.

The worst part is often our customers; sometimes they're just frustrated that they can't do something, and want to call and complain. Sometimes they're completely incompetent -- that's the worst. When they're so lame-brained that they're ignorant of their own ignorance... but because they're paying for the support, I have to take them seriously.

Job Tips: Well, you never ever know where you're going to end up. There's a lot of competition out there for a lot of different things, and the only way to ensure you get somewhere beyond fast food and yard work is to continuously apply yourself in every venture. Do more than the minimum; exceed average! Take pride in the things you apply yourself to. The effort will repay you in the end.

Additional Thoughts: I don't think many people aspire to be technical support folks; I know I certainly didn't. However, it happened; a person has to take the job he's offered when there's no other way to pay the bills. Always keep in mind that this could happen and don't be too proud. Remember that our standards for "a tough life" in America are very, very different from those of people elsewhere.

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