Career Story: Advanced Emissions Specialist

Advanced Emissions Specialist

Job Title: State Certified Advanced Emissions Specialist

Education: Advanced courses in Automotive repair various colleges. Algebra, Computer classes - Mt. San Jacinto College •• Certified by the State of California in Basic and Advanced Air Quality Emissions testing and repair.

Previous Experience: I was a mechanic in the military (Army) and followed up with advanced courses in repair and diagnostics. Attended welding school to enhance versatility in automotive field.I then took college courses(Mt. San Jacinto College ) for air quality management.

Job Tasks: My company accepts vehicles from clients to be tested and certified (bi-annually) for emissions standards set by the State of California. If the vehicles are not within the standards set forth by the state, then I, as a State licensed Advanced Emissions Technician will diagnose, evaluate, repair and retest the vehicle to perform within the standards set by the state.

Our diagnostics equipment is of such high quality that it allows us to analyze five different exhaust gases, verify that the catalytic converter is functioning properly, to perform computer checks with oscilloscopes, diagnose numeric codes inside the computer and find hidden values inside the computer sensors.

There are times when I will have to road test a vehicle to try and duplicate the problem the vehicle owner has described. I run the vehicle on a dynamometer, which has a computer program installed by the state, and verify any and all repairs to assure that the vehicle will meet emissions standards set by the state.

My company tests and repairs various vehicles that range from passenger cars, motorized recreational vehicles, trucks (1/2 ton on up to medium size 9 ton). We also consult with the public on how to take care of their vehicles by way of preventative maintenance procedures and educate them to the state laws that may help them receive assistance if they are economically challenged. During the course of a day at work we will reference the company computer for help aides to acquire special data for the vehicle we are repairing. We also access the internet to share our problems and results with other technicians. As we complete a repair order we will list other items of interest that need to be addressed in the near future to keep their vehicle safe and running most efficiently.

Every year the state requires the technician to update his knowledge by going to advanced classes to keep up with the fast developing science of air quality control.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best parts of the job are that you as a Smog Technician are directly contributing to improving the quality of air that all mammals and vegetation need to survive.

The worst part is when there is a difficult problem and the customer is not able to understand why the vehicle is not ready and/or needs more time for diagnostics.

Job Tips:
1. Acquiring courses in math and science are a plus.

2. Talk to the Advanced Emissions Techs, they are most helpful for those wanting answers. Also, ask the AE tech about his schooling.

3. Thoroughly check out the Advanced Emissions Schools for training and how each school compares with each other.

4. The state has a list of certified schools and other important information concerning classes.

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