Career Story: Barber And Barbershop Owner

Barber And Barbershop Owner

Job Title: Barber

Type of Company: I own a small barber shop in the city. I am the only employee and maintain a regular client base.

Education: Barber School, Barber license

Previous Experience: I went to barber school after high school and apprenticed for my uncle who had a shop in downtown Boston. I also worked in a hotel as a barber.

Job Tasks: I'm both a barber myself and the owner of a barber shop. So I don't simply cut hair, I order supplies, maintain an inventory of hair products for my clients, see to the servicing of my tools, maintain the building and utilities necessary to run my business and make sure my license to cut and operate is up-to-date.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is meeting new people, maintaining friendships and connections through regular clients and making people feel good about the way they look. I also don't have to wait for a weekly or monthly paycheck; the money I make goes directly into my pocket (along with lots of responsibility).

The worst part of my job is the slow days when you don't get a lot of clients. Trying to keep yourself busy can be hard to do sometimes. There is also the cleaning aspect of the job which is tedious.

Job Tips: Have confidence in your abilities. Know that you will not please everyone. All you can do is be your best and listen closely to your customers. Get the proper schooling and decide where you want the job to take you. Do you want to eventually own your own shop? I recommend it.

Additional Thoughts: Learn as much as you can about the basics of hair cutting, but also stay on top of the trends. Attend shows and expand as much as possible (such as hair coloring & hair pieces). There is big money in hair pieces and hair coloring.

Stay true to your art. If you specialize in something, highlight that whenever possible. Stay consistent and study your customers from day one. You want them to be impressed that you remembered they had children or grandchildren or they were getting married. If need be, start with a notebook or make notes near clients names after their appointment.

It will become easier as your customers become regular clients.

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