Career Story: Lunch Manager At An Elementary School

Lunch Manager At An Elementary School

Job Title: Lunch Manager

Education: none

Previous Experience: none

Job Tasks: I manage six lunch attendants that serve, watch & help 370+ children a day. I cook the food. I have four choices. I separate by lunch, add milk, fruit & veggies. I transport this to the cafeteria by lunch period.

I do all the paperwork involved, collecting menus, payroll, counts for lunch, order milk 1-2 times a week. I maintain attendance record for each attendant. If there is any issue with how they do there job, how they interact with the children, or attendance I am the one who speaks with them I take care of any "problems" that there are with the children. We have special needs children in our program so I try to accommodate them also. If there are fights I become the moderator and try to make things work or send them to the principal if depending what they did.

Every morning I run a breakfast program at another school. I serve around 25 children each morning and then keep them busy until it is time to go to class. I also keep all the records, government reports, payments and balances.

I then work part time as a server/bartender at local restaurant three nights a week. This include taking orders from tables, serving the food and generally being "nice" to your guest. At the bar it is different . You need top know how to make specialty drinks. You mostly serve beer and wine. You serve the guest at the bar and you maintain a server station.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: Best part is the children. As tough as some can be, the ones that love you make it rewarding. I especially like my breakfast group. I am the first person they deal with each morning. It is kind of special. I have many young children that really enjoying seeing me. I am very laid back.

Job Tips:
1. You have to have patience because it is hard to deal with so many children.

2. Be flexible because everyday is different. It may be raining, snowing or even a full moon. Children behavior is not always the same.

3. Take any special training workshops that are offered. For example, you can take open circle, bully, or crisis management. They are all very important.

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