Career Story: Chemical Engineer At An Energy Company

Chemical Engineer At An Energy Company

Job Title: Chemical Engineer

Education: BA is Chemical Engineering •• PhD in Chemical Engineering (Currently Enrolled)

Previous Experience: Intern as a Chemical Engineer

Job Tasks: I was interning for an oil and gas company in Houston, Texas. I worked there for a summer and was trained on various things. My main project was concerning corrosion testing of many different types of alloys in different corrosive solutions. What was tested was the failure time at a certain temperature and applied force. I also was able to modify the equipment used in various ways. I improved the equipment to become more accurate and more efficient. Three times the data initially collected was then able to be obtained.

I also had many presentations that trained me to present my self correctly. There were many seminars that were required to be attended. Saftey seminars were most important for this specific company. We all had to be trained with a minimum of eight hours of classes.

I also did many daily things, such as keep inventory of all key pieces of equipment. This was done by using various programs. Equipment description and up-to-date condition of each piece was reported in detail.

Every Friday a weekly report was required by the manager. What was asked to be submitted was what was accomplished that week. Any observations that were found during specific experiements and what was to be done the following week were reported. Also most importantly, suggestions that could be done in order to revamp or modify any project at the company. These suggestions were taken into serious consideration. If there is one thing that could be modified to improve efficiency, a full report needed to be made and presented to various commitees. If this was approved, then the person that has engineered the idea to do so was the head manager for that specific project.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of the job was the ability to work outside the box. A task was asked to be done and it was the workers choice to solve it his or her own way.

In my opinion, the worst part of the job was the management. If you find a job that you love, but the management is horrible then I garauntee there will be a huge turn over rate.

Job Tips:
1. In order to become a chemical engineer, hard work is a must. This is the hardest major in any college. You must love this in order to succeeed.

2. Also, never let anyone put down your spirit. There will be many people that would like to see you fail, you must prove to yourself that you can do it.

Additional Thoughts: Studying entails Lots of chemistry, math, and headaches. But overall it is very interesting and will open your mind to see the world in a different way.

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