Career Story: Owner Of A Marketing Services Company

Owner Of A Marketing Services Company

Job Title: Principal Of A Marketing Services Company

Education: BS in Computer Science, Boston College

Previous Experience: I have an extensive background in sales, sales management, marketing, and marketing management for companies such as IBM, Lotus, and others.

Job Tasks: My company provides web marketing and freelance writing services to enterprise, mid-sized, and start up companies in a broad range of industries. My responsibilities as the principal and owner of the business include: - Client prospecting, client and new work acquisition, and client relations - Developing marketing programs and writing campaigns to meet client needs - Managing "message amplification" activities such as press releases, blogs, RSS feeds, and electronic newsletters which help written communications to reach a wider audience - Managing a staff of independent contractor freelance writers - Overseeing business operations

Example projects include: - Creation of printed and web-based promotional literature (articles, flyers and brochures) - Creating and maintaining content for websites - Researching and writing thought leadership white papers - Customer/prospect communications through newsletters, blogging, and RSS feeds - Employing social web tools to extend the reach of web-based materials - Link and website traffic acquisition campaigns

It should be noted that research is a significant part of any marketing or writing project.

My work is split between working on client projects, client/work acquisition, and administrative activities.

My work on client projects includes a substantial amount of creative activity, writing, designing, and implementation of client projects.

A good deal of my time is dedicated to dedicated to prospecting for new clients and work is a substantial activity as is client-relations.

Administrative tasks, also a significant consumer of my time includes managing staff, assigning and reviewing projects and project deliverables is also another time-consuming task. I even get involved in billing and collections work.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The non-creative administrative tasks such as billing and collections can be pretty mundane. In addition, client/work acquisition and client relations are problematic. Both are time consuming and non-billable work that takes time away from billable projects. It is necessary for future revenue, but it can take away from current revenue.

Job Tips: Revenue growth is almost always slower than you may wish or have projected. Always plan a worst case scenario when starting your own company.

Do not let the demands of making money short change client prospecting, acquisition, and relations. A good balance between billable work and acquiring new work needs to be achieved and worked towards at all times.

Time and project management skills are critically important. Do not fly by the seat of your pants. Have a system in place that helps to manage time and projects.

Additional Thoughts: The job has some very gratifying creative aspects that make the more mundane aspects much more tolerable. It is important to have fun. I left the corporate world to start my own venture to have more time with may family and because I was no longer enjoying what I was doing. Remember to treat people working for you the way that you would want to be treated.

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