Career Story: Commercial Insulation Installer And Manager

Commercial Insulation Installer And Manager

Job Title: Sheet Metal Mechanic

Type of Company: My company covers pipes with insulation.

Education: High school diploma & military experience.

Previous Experience: Over the years I have worked a variety of construction jobs: just about anything from building houses to building schools. I've worked on union and non-union jobs. Currently, I'm employed by a company that does insulating work in commercial buildings.

Job Tasks: I am manager of our current project and it is my responsibility to get the proper insulation to the workers in the area where they are working. There is a lot of lifting and climbing involved. I am responsible for letting the office know who worked each day, for how long and what they actually did, how many feet of insulation was put on, etc. I also need to let my office know when supplies are running low and what we're going to need to complete the next week's task. Depending on the work we're doing, a scissor jack or boom may be required. You need training to use these since there are lots of safety issues and you need to pass the OSHA (government safety requirements) safety tests. We often work in pretty tight quarters and are sometimes required to wear a harness or tie ourselves to the nearest pipe so we won't fall.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of the job is the pay. Usually the job pays "rate" for the state which can range from 20-60 dollars an hour. You may be required to travel an hour or two to get to the work site.

The worst part of the job is it can be messy. Insulation can make you itch. You just have to remember not to rub it in, and wash it off as soon as you can. The clothes you wear to work should be washed separately to prevent insulation from spreading to your normal clothing.

Job Tips: You do not have to have college education. You must however know your math. You will need to know how to make various cuts in the insulation to fit around pipes with extensions, 90 or 45 degree angles, etc. A knowledge of piping would also be helpful to recognize what needs to be done on a given day. There are many varieties of piping, 1/2 inch up to 10 inch or even larger. You can be trained on the job for this type of construction job.

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