Career Story: Credit Specialist Working In A Call Center

Credit Specialist Working In A Call Center

Job Title: Credit Specialist

Education: Mountain Empire Community College, no degree

Previous Experience: I worked as a bookkeeper previously

Job Tasks: We provide landline telephone service. I review credit information of customer applying for new telephone service to determine if they have outstanding balances and need to pay a deposit or advanced payment to obtain new service. Typically, we are taking calls back-to-back and expected to assist the customer in six minutes or less then get them on to the next department to complete their request for service.

We are also expected to determine if there is a fraudulent situation if something doesn't look quite right and then take the necessary action to correct the problem or be investigated further. Many times we are dealing with situations where a customer may owe an outstanding balance and will need to pay that before new service can be provided. We are expected to assist those customers through an automated pay system that allows them to pay their balance and continue their order for service.

In other cases, we are dealing with customers that are in nursing homes and many times are elderly without proper identification to prove that they are who they say they are and we have to take additional measures to get those people identified to provision service for them. We also have to ensure that all customers are over the age of 18 and if not that they are legally emancipated to provision service for them. And then those who have no credit have to be identified as well by sending in appropriate identification to continue their order. The time constraints make the job very stressful.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part if being able to assist people, to be able to look at the overall picture and determine whether a customer should be allowed on the network or not and helping those that might not get on the network due to a mistake that has been made on credit information versus just bad credit.

The worst part of the job would be the time constraints that we have to work under. It is sometimes hard to help a customer when you're expected to do that in six minutes to review their information, determine what action needs to be taken, assist with any payments through an automated system and then get them to the proper department to finish their request.

Job Tips:
1. Call centers are an animal all their own. Not everyone is cut out to work in a call center. Many times you have time constraints in which the employer is not necessarily interested in good customer service but in how many people you get on your line and off your line in a days time.

2. Make sure that you're able to move from one call to the next and let the one before go and then that you're able to forget it and go home at the end of the day.

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