Career Story: Marketing Editor For A Speakers' Bureau

Marketing Editor For A Speakers' Bureau

Job Title: Marketing Editor

Type of Company: I work for a speakers' bureau that provides speakers to corporations, colleges, trade associations, and non-profit educational systems.

Education: BA, Journalism, University of Texas-Austin

Previous Experience: I began work as a copywriter for Random House books, worked later on at the Office of the Massachusetts Senate President and the Senate Ways and Means Committee as a budget analyst and served as executive director of a non-profit foundation which focused on infant/parent issues and providing continuing education.

Job Tasks: As Marketing Editor, I am responsible for all the written materials promoting our speakers. This includes biographies, sales sheets, catalogs, one-sheet program descriptions, newsletters, etc. With our reach including many different markets -- corporations, colleges, literary series, non-profits -- I position the specific speaker materials to best match the market, pitching any given speaker in several different ways to target disparate audiences.

I also craft the copy for our website and email communications with clients. This includes updating speaker copy on the website, capturing news about our speakers, and blogging about events and issues involving our speakers.

I meet with speakers to help them find relevant topics and work on finessing materials and communicating them to potential clients in an effort to help agents book a speaker for events. It is my responsibility to help ensure that all the speaker's materials are updated as frequently as possible.

I conduct research on the web regarding our speakers as well as searching for potential speakers to add to our roster. I also help with marketing prospectus materials as we research and reach out to potential customers to help bolster our database.

I draft press releases and position papers about our company and work to develop and implement strategic marketing plans. I also supervise our interns.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is the access to so many interesting and influential people who are engaged in many exciting activities and issues. It is a rich learning environment, never boring.

The worst part of the job is balancing many different projects and having to switch quickly to address something that has become more timely. It can be hard to keep up!

Job Tips: Always be curious about your world and follow your passions. Incorporate that into your skills. If you love writing, then write. Focus on practicing your craft over and over. No writing task is too small. They all build skills. Pay attention to detail and edit yourself. Offer to write wherever you can, and branch out into different styles. This will increase your value.

Additional Thoughts: Again, do what you love. And try your best to do it right. Your path may wind, but every experience you have makes up who you are as a person and a professional. Capture the good, learn from the bad, and move toward what you really want to do. Writing is a skill that takes much work and practice and focus. Just do it.

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