Career Story: Technical Expert And Field Service Representative For An Armaments Supplier

Technical Expert And Field Service Representative For An Armaments Supplier

Job Title: Field Service Representative

Type of Company: My company created a device that jams radio and telephone signals so the enemy cannot detonate bombs.

Education: Associates Degree. Formal Military training. Secret security clearance. Qualified to handle secret documents.

Previous Experience: I served in the Marines as a Communications Specialist for 6 years. My work with classified material led me to this job.

Job Tasks: My first duty is to maintain a good working relationship with the one and only customer: the United States Marine Corps. I install the system we manufacture on their vehicles and check to make sure it is working properly. I also troubleshoot. I am trained to fix anything that goes wrong with the equipment. I test it before sending it out and I update the software every time a new version becomes available. If I have to replace any parts, I do that too, keeping track of the items and storing the information in a database.

Every once in a while I have to travel to bases in Iraq or Kuwait for fly-away detail. Installing and taking systems off of older vehicles is what takes up the bulk of my time. Sometimes, though, we train Marines to become the same sort of specialist I am and since I'm qualified to conduct those sessions, I will preside over the training as we demonstrate the inner workings of the system. I answer questions on its capabilities and show the soldiers how it can save their lives: how it has saved the lives of many Marines before them. I explain the common problems and how to fix them before the equipment even gets back to me.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is probably the pay and the opportunity to serve my country outside of the military. I make more than $170,000 a year with this job, and I am working closely with the military in their environment. My job is essentially to help them in any way I can.

The worst part about my job is the time spent away from family. We are required to be in Iraq for a year during this contract.

Job Tips: One tip if you want to pursue a job like this is to join the military first. Military training will prepare you to handle any civilian job where you are in a war zone. Another tip would be to get into the communications field. A secret clearance lasts for 10 years, and they renew it every five years if you are still in the military. Security clearances are also expensive. So outside companies would rather hire someone that already has a clearance. My final tip would be to take as many courses as you can on electronic warfare. This will help to understand your future job much better.

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