Career Story: Floor Manager At A Retail Outlet

Floor Manager At A Retail Outlet

Job Title: Customer Service Supervisor/Front End Super

Type of Company: A retail store.

Education: High school

Previous Experience: I was an administrative assistant.

Job Tasks: I deal with customers' problems and try to satisfy them. I make change for the cashiers and oversee the employees work. I mark them absent and make sure they are not out of points or they may be terminated. I make sure their workload is complete at the end of each shift or report to the general manager that it is not complete. I balance the money in the cash office one day a week. I must see to it that each register balances; if one of them doesn't, I have to find out where the money went to and who made the mistake. I have to enter the money mistakes in the computer and send it to cooperate each day. We also bundle the money after we weigh it. Each time someone enters the cash office we must generate a computer report. You must learn to deal with foolish problems as well a important ones. You must make everyone feel good no matter what the outcome may be. You must be able to say "No" to employees as well as the customers. I know that you can't make everyone happy but it's my job to try.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: Dealing with ignorant people is the worst part of my job. Whether they're customers or employees, it is not fun. When it comes to employees, it's easy to lay it all on the line to them and tell them "This is our policy, and that's how it is." Unfortunately you can't do that with customers. Some people have a sense of entitlement. Customers always want everything for free and often lie to employees to try to get what they want.

Job Tips: You must be diplomatic. By this I mean you can tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they will look forward to the trip. You must like people and be fair. This is just something that comes with life experience and maturity.

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