Career Story: Project Manager At A Large Telecom Company

Project Manager At A Large Telecom Company

Job Title: Project Manager

Education: BSBA & MBA, Suffolk University

Previous Experience: I worked as a current planner in a telecommunications company. I was responsible for the the design and implemention of a data network. That job involved monitoring usage, capacity and ordering additional equipment as needed. From that job, I moved on to project managing the entire process from ordering the equipment, to installation and network turn up.

Job Tasks: I work for a large telecommunications company. We have a workforce of over 200,000 employees. We are a major provider of voice, high speed data and TV and we have a nationwide base. I am a project manager in the broadband engineering group. We are responsible for ensuring equipment and materials are ordered, shipped and installed on time and on budget and ultimately ready for service.

Once the need for additional growth or new equipment is determined, the purchase orders for that job are written. There are various engineering groups who are responsible for performing site surveys and detailing all the material requirements for a particular office. They will write up the business case and obtain all the appropriate signatures and approvals. Once it's approved, the orders will be sent to the vendors. This is where my job begins. My job is to work with the many teams involved. I hold project meetings to get commitments and enforce the timeline. Initially, I will work with the vendor to negotiate and secure material ship dates. We would have weekly calls to confirm the dates, prioritize urgent jobs and overall ensure there are no delays.

Next, I need to make sure the equipment is delivered to the warehouse. Once all materials are in, the installation team can begin their work. I work closely with the installation technicians to ensure they have all the required parts and documentations. Once installation is completed, I will schedule testing and acceptance with the network operations team. They will work with the technicians to make sure installation was completed, all labeling correct, all hardware is functional and that they have remote surveillance to the router. If there is any layer 2 or layer 3 requirements, I will work with the various groups to meet their requirements.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of the job is that there are so many different teams I work with, I'm able to learn what function other departments provide and understand how everyone fits in the big picture.

As with any job, the work can get repetitive where you're running into the same problems day after day. And sometimes it's a struggle to get other departments to meet deadlines.

Job Tips: 1, A Project Management certification is highly recommended.

2. Another plus would be an engineering or mathematical degree.

3. Also, keep an open mind. Even if your current job is not your ideal job, there are always opportunties to learn from it and move onto another job. Often the hardest part is getting your foot in the door.

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