Career Story: Senior Claims Consultant

Senior Claims Consultant

Job Title: Senior Claims Consultant

Type of Company: The company I work for is an independent risk management consulting firm. We are the largest independent risk management consulting firm in New England and have continually ranked as one of the top ten risk management consulting firms as long as Business Insurance has been tracking our profession.

Education: BS from Ithaca College - ARM from Insurance Institute of America

Previous Experience: I worked as a senior claims adjuster for 3 years at a large National Insurance Company, then as a legal assistant for 5 years at a prominent law firm. I am at my current position for 17 years as a senior claim and loss management consultant.

Job Tasks: My primary role as a claims and loss control consultant is to provide advice and counsel to corporate clients regarding their claims management and safety programs and procedures.

I manage general liability, worker's compensation, property and automobile claims, including interaction with attorneys, medical providers and insurance company adjusters. I am the "mouthpiece" for the client. I make sure all their claims are handled properly, that the best and most aggressive strategies are in place on each and every claim to help the client get the best possible outcome.

I work with my clients to develop written customized claims and loss management programs as well as conduct training seminars and assist with their implementation. After I write the programs, I conduct the training with the key supervisors and then I am available to make sure they can implement the form.

I also negotiate and oversee assignment and implementation of claims management protocols among client, broker and insurance carriers. Conduct comprehensive claims strategy and reserve reviews as well as claims audits of TPA's (third party administrators), insurance carriers and self-insured/self administered claims operations. Sometimes I will provide legal support services, including due diligence and mergers/acquisitions.

Most of my work is in the real estate sector, but our firm works in virtually ever facet of business.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: I like the freedom and flexibility it affords. I am a consultant, and so as long as I get my work done, and my hours billed, I am able to work from anywhere. This affords me time with my family when I need to be with them. I also like the work. I enjoy working with people, and am comfortable with public speaking.

On the other hand, I do not like *having* to account for every minute of my day.

Job Tips:
1. Starting off as a claims adjuster or an underwriter is essential for understanding all the ins and outs of what we do.

2. Also, if you can take as many courses in insurance as possible. The Insurance Institute of America has many courses to offer. My degree is an Associate in Risk Management and that is a well respected designation for this business.

3. I also had the experience from the legal side, which gives you a well rounded perspective. This will help out as a consultant because your view is more broad.

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