Career Story: Director Of Marketing For A Software Company

Director Of Marketing For A Software Company

Job Title: SVP, Solutions Marketing And Communications

Type of Company: My company develops software for manufacturing companies. The software products we develop are for mechanical computer-aided design and content and process management. The products are used to optimize product development processes.

Education: BS, Engineering, Trinity College, •• MS, Engineering Management, Northeastern University

Job Tasks: I manage a team of approximately 30 people. My team has three main responsibilities.

1.) My solutions marketing responsibilities entail the development of messaging and positioning for all products and services offered by my company. These messages must highlight customer challenges we are addressing, unique capabilities we offer and the value our solutions bring to the customer. Once core messages are developed, they are used to develop customer facing materials, such as marketing brochures, web copy, advertisement copy, white papers, presentation material, sales training content, etc. I am also responsible for the management of the product launch process.

2.) My creative services responsibilities entail the management of the creation of print and creative assets for the company, including many of the assets listed above as well as inspirational videos, event signs, event invitations, marketing give-aways, etc. The types of people on this team are creative designers, editors, "traffic manager" which is the person that manages and assigns and tracks all job requests made of my team. This is a corporate function supporting all organizations worldwide.

3.) My interactive marketing responsibilities entail the management of the internal and external web sites, the customer community site, quarterly newsletter, and video. This team designs and does the programming for these web properties, with the objective of making them easy to use, and optimizing their appearance in search engines. The community site initiative is in its infancy, but is very exciting as we are understanding the social media behavior of our customers, establishing the strategic objective of the community, determining the best technology, then will design the site, seed it with content, and develop a launch and sustainability plan.

Another key aspect of my job is people management. I have 5 people who work directly for me and they all have people working for them. So it is my responsibility to be a good leader and role model for them and coach them as they learn to manage their people.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is that I'm working on strategic activities for the company. I lead the message development that results in the messages our sales and marketing teams take to the market. Another aspect of my job that I love is that I am always learning new skills and gaining areas of expertise. And finally, I really enjoy the people I work with. They are smart, dedicated, and energetic, all working toward a common goal.

The worst part of my job is that I spend a lot of time in meetings and it's hard to find time to do work.

Job Tips:
1.) The first tip is to really understand your customer. One of the keys to my success is that I came out of the engineering world to work for a software company that sells software to engineers.

2.) Leverage all your skills. I love performing (signing, acting) and I love technology. My role leverages my comfort in front of an audience and my skills and understanding of technology.

3.) Be open to change. Organizations will constantly change and you need to be flexible and supportive of change. People who are not flexible will not be able to grow with their company.

4.) Be a good listener, especially in the beginning. When you join a new company, the first few weeks you should do a lot of listening and ask a lot of questions.

Additional Thoughts: While I have worked at the same company for 18 years, it is nothing like it was when I first joined. The company has evolved and I have evolved with it, taking advantage of the many opportunities presented to me. I have had many roles and sought out chances to grow. I recommend being open-minded as the company changes and seek out chances to leverage your skills and interests.

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