Career Story: Marketing Coordinator For A Cable Company

Marketing Coordinator For A Cable Company

Job Title: Marketing Coordinator

Education: BA in Marketing Communications/Advertising, Columbia College Chicago, IL •• Associate of Arts, Longview Community College, Lee's Summit MO ••

Previous Experience: Worked as an intern at a comic book publisher in Chicago, IL in the ad sales and creative Cover Concepts division. Worked as a temporary advertising copywriter for a small agency in Chicago IL. Worked as a Program Manager running promotions for large retail stores in Kansas City and Saint Louis Worked as an assistant Marketing Coordinator for two small businesses in Kansas City, Mo helping with direct mail and sales efforts.

Job Tasks: The company I work for offers cable entertainment to millions of homes in the US daily. I help with local marketing efforts to increase sales and visibility. I research how different ads are doing and the response levels to help us understand our environment and customers. I make sure that my co-workers and our call center is aware of all ads and promotions we are currently running to ensure customers get great deals and values when they call. I train our reps about the latest service changes and offerings so they can pass this info to our customers.

I keep track of what our competition is doing and any promotions they may be running to help ensure our customers are happy with our prices and services. I help with local promotions and personally interact with customers about our products and services. I proof and create ads for local media outlets. I also help with administrative tasks for my manager including fetching and opening mail and taking notes over meetings and phone calls.

I often interact with our affiliates from the cable channels to ensure that we are working well together and supporting their marketing efforts. I research other marketing efforts for other channels to see if we can do more. Often we receive gifts for running their commercial spots which we save as prizes for our customers in promo events. I do lots of online research to see what other cable or satelite companies offer in levels of service or channels. I read blogs to see how people feel about different products and use this information to create ads that answer questions and concerns.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of the job is learning new things and creating ads. Meeting with channel affiliates to learn more about them and their marketing efforts and new shows they are featuring.

The worst part of the job is researching constantly to see what the competition is doing and where they are currently located. I also dislike wearing business casual clothing and prefer jeans on a daily basis.

Job Tips:
1. Keep looking for and talking with people in the field.

2. Look at various job sites including Talent Zoo to keep on top of what jobs are out there.

3. Visit sites of the companies you like often to see if there are new openings.

4. Take a position that has growth potential, even if it is not exactly what you want.

5. Don't feel tied to a job. It is more important to persue your dream career than to get long-term tenure at a job you hate.

6. Read the trade magazines: AdAge, creativity magazine, etc. Know Photoshop and the Creative Suite.

7. Ask questions. Interview often. Get feedback.

Additional Thoughts: Learn more about the different jobs in this field. Don't just pick one (the ideal) and stick with it only. See what other things you can do that are enjoyable. Look at your strengths and weaknesses when searching for a career - it will help.

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