Career Story: Voice And Telephony Manager For A Financial Company

Voice And Telephony Manager For A Financial Company

Job Title: Voice / Telephony Manager

Type of Company: I work for a financial company.

Education: BS, Economics, Penn State University •• MS, Telecommunication, Boston University

Previous Experience: I started my career as a voice technician working for a small voicemail company. I moved from voicemail to phone systems. I them went on and learned about voice-over-data which led me to my current position.

Job Tasks: The company I work for owns 25 different companies. My job is to go to those companies and look at their voice infrastructure and costs. I take the knowledge I have from working on phone systems for the past fifteen years and make sure each of the companies are utilizing their phone systems properly. I have the different companies consolidate on a single platform so the knowledge accumulated at one company can be passed on to another. There is a great deal of purchasing leverage that can be used when you combine the resources and money of 25 companies. I verify that our companies have the correct capacity to handle all their inbound and outbound calling requirements. If there is excess capacity I make sure the circuits are disabled to save money for the company. Besides establishing a single telephone platform, I settle on a single company to install and maintain all our telephone systems. I need to document what went well and what did not go well with the different vendors, I also need to explain to vendors what I like and what needs to improve for them to remain my vendor.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job would be using the knowledge I have acquired about telephone systems to help my company save money and increase productivity and functionality. I maintain my expertise by attending trade shows, which I may have to travel to, by reading, by taking web seminars (which I watch from my PC) or by doing hands-on work that I have not done before.

I don't always feel my job is secure and that is the worst part of my job. I sometimes feel that I could be let go. I know I could find another job but this does sometimes worry me.

Job Tips: Becoming a telecommunications person today can be learned in vocational school or college. My advice to someone who wants to get into telecommunications would be to learn and never stop. I recommend getting a job that will train you how to use telecommunications equipment; learn all you can on the equipment, then learn the equipment that's attached to your equipment. If you work on voice platforms, learn the phone system, then the voicemail, then the call logger, then the automatic call distribution server. Learn it all and don't stay in one discipline for too long.

Additional Thoughts: Every company has voice and data infrastructure. In the past these jobs were in the companies themselves. I think in the future these types of careers will still be needed but I think they will be run by outsourced companies. The world of telecommunications is ever-changing and if you are willing to work hard and learn it can be a rewarding career.

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