Career Story: Certified Nursing Assistan In An Elderly Nursing Facility

Certified Nursing Assistan In An Elderly Nursing Facility

Job Title: Certified Nursing Assistant

Education: Certificate in Nursing Assistant, FCCJ Jacksonville Florida

Previous Experience: Worked as home health aide back home in my country, Trinidad and Tobago. Actually worked for some time as insurance clerk in Pensacola Florida. I had a hard time getting a job when moved to Jax and it was easier to train to be a nursing assistant.

Job Tasks: I work in a nursing facility for long term and short term care for the eldery.

On a typical day I doing the following:

  • bathe dresses/undresses patients and assist with oral hygiene.
  • serve and collect food trays.
  • change bed linens.
  • take and record vital signs.
  • pass and collect bed pans.
  • provide encouragement, support and comfort to patients and family members.
  • orient and mentor new staff members.

In my free time, I will polish my female patients nails or just sit and maybe have a cup of coffee or a soda. Sometimes we will watch a movie together. Bingo is one of the favorite for most patients in the nursing home so we all look forward to that event. Around the holidays, for example Easter, we have egg hunts for the residents who are able to participate. Keeping in mind some patients are bed ridden and/or are not alert oriented to understand what is going on. At Christmas time employees pick names or choose to be secret Santa for the patients. They get clothing, shoes, cologne, bed spreads to keep them warm and lots of other things.

Once a week an activities assistant take them to eat at an all you can eat Restaurant. Like any job there is good and bad days.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is when I help an elderly and they will say to me, I appreciate what you do for me every day. Feeding time is also one of my favorites because we can sit and talk with the alert patients. My worst time is when a family member comes in after several months and starts complaining about everything.

Job Tips:
1. Treat your patients as if they are one of your family members.

2. Keep an open mind when dealing with problems that may come up on the job.

3. Keep a smile on your face at all times, especially when doing care on patients, they can sometimes tell when we are in a bad mood and believe me they will feed on that, which may get you in trouble.

4. Doing some volunteer work in this field will help you to know if this is what you really want.

Additional Thoughts: To do this job you must have a good heart. You must be a caring individual with lots of patience. Sometimes you might be right but to make your patient happy be in the wrong. If that is going to calm them at the time. If you are doing the right thing, God is always on your side and that is all that matters.

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