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Pharmacy Technician


Education: Edison College

Previous Experience: I actually just started at a pharmacy and learned everything there. Never worked anywhere else prior to the pharmacy department.

Job Tasks: As a pharmacy tech I answer phones, greet guests when coming to the pharmacy, and operate the cash register to ring out the guest. I type and fill the prescriptions guests bring in. I call doctors' offices to verify information. I do not consult with the patient about medications - that is the pharmacist's job. As a pharmacy technician, my job is to basically be an assistant to the pharmacist.

Additional duties include general cleaning, taking out trash, and making sure supplies are in stock.

It's great being able to enter the prescriptions yourself as it makes me feel like I'm doing something good for people by helping them stay healthy and live better. I also do return-to-stock (other places might call it a different name) but its basically when a guest doesn't pick up their prescription within a certain period of time. I have to pull these unclaimed prescriptions and put them back on the shelf. It's most likely for insurance purposes because you can't leave insurance claims open for more than 14 days. I must reverse the prescription and put the drug back in stock.

Usually when my store is not busy, I'll dust or find some other type of project to get into. Or even go out in the stock and straighten shelves. I always keep an eye on the pharmacy. So if you're considering going into the pharmacy area, be prepared for some slow time although that depends in what area you live in. It's a great field to go into and I'm sure everyone would love it. .

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: Best part of the job is that you can learn so much from other techs and pharmacists. You can gain alot of knowledge. The worst part of being a pharmacy tech is having to find a way to deal with the occasional rude guest. Not everyone is like that but when working in retail you can see how some people can have a difficult attitude sometimes.

Job Tips:
1. Try to find a place of employment that will pay for the technician class. Luckily for me when I started, the place where I was working paid for my test and even paid for me to go to the pharmacy tech course to help me past the national test.

2. Just try to take in as much as you can as being a pharmacy technician is great experience if you want to become a pharmacist.

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