Career Story: Jet Fighter Pilot

Jet Fighter Pilot

Job Title: Pilot

Type of Company: Defense

Education: BA, Aeronautical Science

Previous Experience: I work for a defense contractor.

Job Tasks: My job requires keeping current in the aircraft assigned. In order to do this I am consistently flying and training. There are always changes to the aircraft so keeping current is a full-time job. However, I also have a "ground" job. This job requires time management, people skills, and learning military regulations. On days when I fly, it takes the whole day because there is a briefing of the flight, the actual flight and a debriefing of the flight. Briefs and debriefs are where all pilots involved in the flight (usually a "two-ship" or "four-ship") get together and go over the mission for the day. There are also other briefings: a security briefing, for example, where a pilot learns what is going on in the world and how we are defending our country.

On non-flying days, it is my responsibility to hold an office job. These jobs can vary from time to time. One example of an office job would be to work in training, collating training documents, seeing that they get circulated to right people and making sure all training requirements have been met.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of the job is definitely the flying and knowing that you are defending your country. Piloting an aircraft is hard work, but it is work that is definitely worth doing.

The worst part of the job is probably all the paperwork that comes along with flying and the non-flying aspect of the job. It's a necessary evil.

Job Tips: It is necessary to have a college degree in order to fly for the military. I would suggest getting your degree in something you may want to pursue after flying. Your flying career will probably not last forever and you need to be prepared for retirement.

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