Career Story: Manager Of A Student Loan Portfolio

Manager Of A Student Loan Portfolio

Job Title: Manager

Type of Company: We service the Perkins Student Loan Portfolio of Boston University.

Education: Boston University, no degree obtained yet

Previous Experience: I have been employed at BU for 27 years and have worked my way up.

Job Tasks: I am responsible for ensuring that the Perkins Loans administered at Boston University are serviced with the highest customer service and accuracy. My department staff is responsible for processing payments, deferments, and anything that the student needs. I am responsible for making sure that all federal regulations are adhered to. Twice per year we go offsite to administer what are called "exit interviews." We hold seminars to explain to all graduating seniors what their rights and responsibilities are regarding any federal loans they may have borrowed while studying at Boston University. I am responsible for the accuracy of our website. I am also responsible for the financial accounting of our loan portfolio.

On a typical day, I come into the office, listen to any voicemail messages we've received during off hours. I put together work for the student workers we have coming in for the day. I go through my in-box which may have forms that are questionable and need to be verified to make sure they are in compliance with federal regulations. I assist other departments with any questions they may have. Occasionally, depending on the time of year, I meet with auditors who generate sample groups to audit to ensure we are complying with all federal regulations.

I act as liaison with other departments within Boston University as well as other student loan questions from servicers and other universities.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is the interaction with the students and the parents. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. I enjoy helping people and enjoy the challenges of the job, the worst part of which is dealing with the auditors. They're a drag.

Job Tips: My advice to anyone who is planning on managing in any customer-service based business is always to remember to treat people with respect. It helps to put yourself in the customer's place and decide how you would like to be treated. Choose good, competent staff who complement your management style.

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