Career Story: Director Of A Church-Affiliated Pre-School

Director Of A Church-Affiliated Pre-School

Job Title: Director Of Pre-School Services

Type of Company: I work for a Christian non-profit organization that assists low-income families in our community.

Education: BSW, Union University •• 7 credit-hours towards an SW, Western Kentucky University •• Early Childhood Education course, Wake Tech Community College

Previous Experience: I have worked for day-care centers and church youth programs for the past twelve years. I have also worked for Child Care Services Association as a family support counselor.

Job Tasks: I oversee the pre-school program for our organization. I register families for our program by helping them complete our application, go through the interview process, and get their child registered for our pre-school program. I also take care of the pre-school budget and ordering supplies and food for the pre-school. I organize field trips, events, and fundraiser for the families and the community in order to raise funding to operate the program. I also teach in the classroom. We have 18 three- to five-year olds each year in our program. We teach them the fundamentals so they are ready to enter kindergarten: numbers, letters, shapes, colors, social skills, sharing, taking turns, etc. I also organize parent conferences and assessments for the children to track their progress throughout the year.

On a typical day I arrive at the pre-school, open it up, make sure everything is ready for the day - all the centers are ready, arts/crafts, music, dramatic play, reading, science, math, etc - and then check my voice mail and email, returning any that are urgent. I then go to the classroom and welcome all the children as they arrive. The children are taught to sign in and go wash their hands before quietly finding an activity until all the children have arrived. As a group we say the pledge of allegiance and have a prayer before we start the day. The children then go through their daily schedule and routine. The children leave in the early afternoon and I return to my office to complete paperwork, answer phone calls/emails, attend meetings, organize teacher trainings, work on fundraising, etc.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best parts of my job are getting hugs every day from the children and to see them grow and learn. To see the smiles on their faces every day and watch them accomplish something and be so proud of themselves is very rewarding. I love interacting with the children each day.

The worst part of my job is fundraising and seeking out funding for the pre-school. Grant searching is hard and time-consuming work and writing grants is not always the easiest process.

Job Tips:
1.) Continue to learn. Seek out child development conferences and workshops to attend. Children grow and learn so fast and we continually find new and exciting ways to interact with them and help them learn.

2.) Always accept their hugs and smiles! Cherish those precious moments because their will come a day and time when the children are challenging and unruly, but it is always worth being patient and getting through those harder days.

3.) Try to avoid being the director and lead teacher for a classroom at the same time. It is truly exhausting and you may find yourself cutting corners and not giving the children all the attention they need.

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