Career Story: College Professor And Children's Theater Director

College Professor And Children's Theater Director

Job Title: College Professor

Type of Company: education

Education: BA, Theatre And Media Communications, Salem State College (Salem, MA)

Previous Experience: I teach at a community college and work as a director in a Children's Theatre.

Job Tasks: In my job as an educator, I have the pleasure of meeting students who are working toward their degrees to better their lives. Many people who are in the work force and have families have gone back to school. The classes I teach help them to further their careers or, in many cases, get a better position. These students are hard-working, gifted individuals and it has been a privilege to know every one of them. I have been able to take away something positive from every student I have had in my classes, furthering my own education and helping keep me fresh and grounded.

As a children's theatre director I am especially happy. Not only do I get to practice my first love, but I get to open up a whole new world to children of all ages. I say of all ages, because parents are learning new things about their own children while the kids are in class. I have learned so much more about my own girls and the absolutely unique individuals they are. It never ceases to amaze me that all these children have such a great capacity for change and adaptation. Each child has a whole store of abilities and gifts and talents that are just waiting to be unlocked and I am the lucky person who gets to do that. It is especially rewarding to see a shy child blossom. Each child grow and realizes self-confidence and self-esteem. What a wonderful world theatre and education make.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: Meeting diverse people and all the cultures they represent is the best part of teaching. Also you learn so much from other people. I love that. I am a great bouncer and have the ability to adapt quickly to situations but sometimes that is really put to the test. Trying to find a good style with some people is a real challenge.

Job Tips: Be flexible. Be a good listener. Do not ever make snap judgements of people . Remember you are lucky to be guiding along a journey. Stay open and approachable. Consider doing a wide range of things to learn more. No job is too small. Always be positive and it's ok to keep your mouth shut at times.

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