Career Story: Radio Producer For A Classic Rock Show

Radio Producer For A Classic Rock Show

Job Title: Radio Producer

Type of Company: My company creates original radio programming for syndication.

Education: BA in English Literature, University of Cincinnati •• Certification in Audio Production from the Institute of Audio Research, New York ••

Previous Experience: I did freelance audio production work including sound design and sound-board op for theater. I also worked as an office manager for a wedding band. Before that I interned at a record company and before that I spent a couple summers doing mobile-marketing tours.

Job Tasks: As Head Writer and Associate Producer of the radio show on which I primarily work, my main responsibilities include writing scripts every day to be read by the talent for the show and also actually putting the programs together in radio automation software. The writing part is probably pretty self-explanatory. I write enough every work day to record the next 5-hour nightly show. On the more technical side, I also put all the audio pieces together that make up the nightly show...like recorded voicetracks, introductions, sound effects, commercials, etc. This takes a lot of precision, as it is the last step in what will be the final product that people will hear on the radio.

I work closely with the show's main producer so that we are on the same page about the things that are included in the scripts, like current events, funny news stories, sports information, and other such content. We also edit interviews together so that we can pick the best material for the show. That requires the use and knowledge of audio editing software. I am also in contact with the traffic department who send me all the information for which commercials will be running in the radio shows throughout the week.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of the job is that I love the subject matter of the show. It is a classic rock radio show and I have always been a huge classic rock music fan. Therefore it makes it fun and easy to write scripts for the show and be around that kind of music a lot. It's also nice to have record companies and publicists sending albums to me. I don't have a lot of negatives in my work because I found something I love doing, but if I had to say, I guess I would say that it's difficult to please all the different affiliate stations across the country, but that is part of the job when you're in commercial radio.

Job Tips: First of all, I would recommend only doing this kind (or any kind) of work if you love it. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do and be, but when I did figure it out, I was pretty certain. From there, it's easy. Take courses that make sense for your field and just get involved however you can. Learn audio programs, write about things, work for cheap at first and get some good experience.

Additional Thoughts: Go after what you love and it will be a piece of cake. It's not work when you love it! I don't dread Mondays like a lot of people I know. Also, try not to get discouraged. Positivity rules!

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