Career Story: MRI Technologist At A Hospital

MRI Technologist At A Hospital

Job Title: MRI Technologist

Type of Company: I work in a hospital

Education: Associate in Science (AS), Middldesex Community College

Previous Experience: none

Job Tasks: My primary responsibility use a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner to capture specific images ordered by a physician to aid in patient diagnosis. My typical day at a large city hospital consists of imaging many different patients with a wide variety of sicknesses or injuries.

My regular schedule consists of outpatients (patients that are not staying overnight in the hospital) which may consist of a variety of things such as cancer diagnosis and/or follow-up or many types of minor injuries. These exams are specific to the patients needs according to the ordering physician and may be of just about any body part such as the brain, spine, shoulder, knees, heart, liver, etc.

I also have to be prepared at all time for emergencies that may come into the hospital emergency room. These patients are usually much more serious nature and always take a priority to any outpatients. I will typically see 2-3 traumas a day which range from patients that were involved in serious auto accidents, stabbings from altercations, or any other type of serious injury a patient might obtain. Some of these patients are in critical condition and the results from the images obtained are necessary to determine the severity of the injuries so patient can receive the proper treatment. It is not uncommon to see serious spinal injuries and brain injuries and assessment using a MRI scanner is extremely important to determine the severity of the injury.

Because an MRI scanner is a large magnet it is extremely important that all patients do not contain any metal within their bodies. Some types of metal will react to the magnet and could cause further harm to the patient, therefore extreme caution must be taken when deciding the proper candidates for MRI. The exam can be extremely helpful to some however it can also be dangerous to others such as patients that may have pacemakers. The strong magnetic field may cause the pacemaker to malfunction. Each patient that goes into the MRI scanner is screened to be sure that they can safely undergo the exam.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is that I really get a great feeling from being able to help people. The fact that my job is important to so many people getting well is wonderful.

The worst part is that sometimes people are just so sick or injured to bad that even the exam cannot help to make them better. This reality of life can be difficult to take.

Job Tips:
1. Take extra Anatomy and Physics classes.

2) Start your career as a Radiologic Technologist, then move up to an MRI Technologist.

3) Spend some time in a hospital setting to make sure it is a good fit for you. Volunteer or work weekends in customer service greeting patients; there are many part time jobs available to help you determine if hospital work is for you.

Additional Thoughts: The biggest surprise of my career is the job security. In this difficult economy I am at no risk of losing my job.

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