Career Story: Independent Real Estate Agent

Independent Real Estate Agent

Job Title: Realtor

Type of Company: I sell real estate.

Education: attended, Framingham State College (Framingham, MA)

Previous Experience: I worked in sales for ten years prior to starting in real estate.

Job Tasks: My primary responsibility is to locate properties that match my clients' criteria when they are looking to purchase a home. I also complete "opinions of value" on properties. Also known as "comps," these show what similar houses in the same (or a comparable) neighborhood have sold for, and a collection of comps is called a market analysis. I also write up offers, negotiate the best deal, monitor the buyer's financing to help ensure that they can afford the property they are interested in purchasing. Once a property is under contract I keep an eye on building inspections and research the property to ensure proper permitting through the town/city.

These are just some of the responsibilities of a realtor.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The worst parts of the job are watching people sell a property when they'd rather not, mostly due to divorce, death, job loss or other economic factors. Unfortunately in this economy we are seeing more and more sales for these reasons.

The best part of the job is matching up the "perfect" house for the client, making long time friends from clients who just thought they'd be purchasing a house from you...being invited to family events, being shown all the hard work and the changes that they've done to their homes and just staying in touch.

Job Tips:
1. Be patient starting out in real estate, in any market, but the current one especially. Don't expect to sell something in your first month in the business.

2. Get the word out to everyone you know...use your "sphere of influence" to inform everyone of your new career. The more people who know what you do the better chance you have of them using you when the time comes to purchase or sell a property. You also have a better chance of them referring you to someone they know who is buying or selling a property.

3. Remember to keep in touch on a very consistent basis. You'd be surprised how many people say they forgot what you do!

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