Career Story: Residential Real Estate Agent In A Major Metro Area

Residential Real Estate Agent In A Major Metro Area

Job Title: Real Estate Agent

Type of Company: My company works with buyers and sellers of real estate to market and sell properties.

Education: BA, History & The Law, Suffolk University

Previous Experience: I worked as a conference manager after college. My focus in history laid the ground work for my love of research. After many years of being a conference manager & event planner (both of which included some sales) I became a licensed real estate agent.

Job Tasks: As a real estate agent my responsibilities are twofold: identify individuals who want or need to sell their homes and work with buyers to find homes that they'd like to purchase.

When sellers call wanting to put their homes on the market, I visit their home and see what it is like. I then determine what other houses similar to theirs are on the market. What a home could be sold for is determined by what else has sold recently, what is about to sell, and what is on the market for sale at the time. All home comparisons must be similar. If someone wants to sell a 3-bedroom ranch-style home with a two-car garage I need to find other homes that are similar, with the same number of bedrooms, and compare them. Once I decide what price the home will sell at I visit the home again and meet with the owners. We discuss why pricing the home correctly is so important. I make a full presentation on my laptop using Powerpoint and explain the importance of pricing the house correctly, marketing the house, cleaning the house so it will look good to prospective buyers, how we will use the internet to market the house, how we will attract potential buyers and review any questions the owners might have. I bring real estate contracts with me and encourage the owners to sign up immediately. The real estate market changes daily so if owners wait to sign up, the information I give them could become outdated.

When working with buyers I try to find out what they want in a home. Many people want a to be in a specific town. Others want a home with a certain number of bedrooms or bathrooms or they want a finished basement or a garage. Maybe they need a certain style of house, like a split-level or a colonial. I like to visit different homes with buyers so I can see what they really want - not just what they think they want. When a buyer finds a home they want we complete paperwork to make an offer on the home and I walk them through the rest of the process. This includes having the home inspected, maybe hiring a lawyer to review the paperwork, and signing the final papers to make the home their own.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is meeting interesting people and helping them sell their home or buy a new one. I love to hear stories from people and really enjoy working with a very different group of people every day.

The worst part of my job is not finishing: not being able to sell a house or not being able to find the right house for someone.

Job Tips: When starting a real estate career tell everyone - EVERYONE - that you sell real estate. It doesn't matter if you have already told them. The best way to build your real estate business is through referrals. If someone knows you sell real estate they may tell a friend to call you when they are looking to buy or sell.

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