Career Story: Nurse At An Infertility Clinic

Nurse At An Infertility Clinic

Job Title: Infertility Nurse

Type of Company: A clinic that treats women with primary and secondary infertility: "women trying to get pregnant'.

Education: AS, Nursing

Previous Experience: I started out as a medical/surgical nurse and went on to work as a surgical nurse for pre- and post-operative liver patients. I currently work as an infertility nurse and have done so for the past nine years.

Job Tasks: I help to brief women who are starting on a course of infertility treatments, a series of daily injections lasting anywhere from eight to twenty-one days. I show them how to mix and inject their medications and how the treatments are supposed to proceed.

On a typical day I see 4-5 couples and go over their treatment protocols with them, showing them how to mix and inject medications. I also review the potential side effects of the medication with them. We discuss the heightened risk of multiple births, the risk of ovarian and breast cancer and go over the things they need to complete prior to insemination or egg retrieval.

I also answer patients' phone calls. Some complete their orientation via telephone, but they can only do so if they have internet access. Then, after reading their treatment guide and watching the injection videos online, they complete a telephone orientation with me. I also field phone calls from potential patients with questions about the protocol we use.

My other responsibility is to update our computer software and teach the nursing staff its new features.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is seeing patients who can finally conceive. Building families and the joy that they provide are a matchless thing to see.

The worst part of the job is when some women experience a miscarriage. Undergoing fertility treatment can be emotionally and physically draining and when a patient does conceive and then loses the baby it's devastating -- for the patient and for us. The road to parenthood is one big roller coaster ride.

Job Tips: Start out in a hospital as this will become your foundation as a nurse. This will give you all the required tools to become the best nurse you can be. You get exposed to so many people of diverse cultures and age groups that even after you specialize in a field of nursing that initial experience can often help you tremendously.

Additional Thoughts: We need nurses all the time. I would encourage anyone to pursue nursing as there are so many opportunities and fields of nursing that the possibilities are endless. Best of luck in your endeavors.

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