Career Story: Office Assistant At A Real Estate Company

Office Assistant At A Real Estate Company

Job Title: Office Assistant

Education: 2005-2009 BA in Sociology and Eduation

Previous Experience: I worked at a greenhouse as the office manager for two years.

Job Tasks: My company is a real estate establishment. In a typical day, I add listings to the computer. A listing is information about any new houses that clients bring to us to sell. It is important that these are done quickly and correctly because as soon as it is added to the system it is available for someone to buy. If we wait to put it in then it would not be sold because no can see it and we do not make a sale therefore we do not make the profit.

I also answer the phone to give clients information about houses that may have seen in our advertisements or any information they need about any house they would like to buy. I give agents (sales people) information about closings and make appoints for about 4 people in the office. Most clients speak to their agents though me.

I take fax and emails from brokers (people who help people to get loans from the bank) and mortage officers. I am constantly filling and refilling information.

We have most of our information on the comupter but we have everything in hard copy (printed form) in files also.

There is very little traveling done in my position. I basically sit on a desk all day. I do not attend meetings or anything like that. I am there to do the filing and computer work. I also answer the phone. I contact clients and take faxes and emails about people who are interested in buying or selling their homes.

This job is ideal for people who love people and are good at working at the computer and filing information. It can also be done in a part time manner so college students can also work here. I work full time and have been going to school part time this year.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The worst part of my job is the hours. I have to be there early if clients have early appointments and stay late if there are late appointments. Juggling this with my college schedule is difficult. Sometimes I have no lunch and have to make do with food bars I keep in my drawers.

The best part of my jobs is dealing with people. I love dealing with customers because I am a people person.

Job Tips: The first thing a person needs to know if he/she is going to be an office assistant is that they have to be willing to take instructions. Many times you do not agree with your boss but he is in charge so listen and do it. Next you need to be a people person. You need to have good telephone manners. And finally, you need to be willing to change your plans at the last minute. Many people want to rush out the door when the clock strikes five but those are not good assistants. You need to stay until the job is done.

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