Career Story: Job Placement Agent For The Disabled

Job Placement Agent For The Disabled

Job Title: Employee Consultant

Type of Company: An employment agency.

Education: Life experiences and past jobs.

Previous Experience: Worked with and taught Mentally and physically disabled Recreation Director Music and Art Instruction/Therapy/ Expression

Job Tasks: I find jobs for the disabled and give them the training they need to hold onto the positions we obtain for them. I also work with the companies that employ them and act as a mediator between employer and employee when the need for it arises. I arrange for transportation to and from work for the people I place in jobs; when I have to, I even drive them to work in my car. I also generate and maintain the paperwork that goes along with our placement activities.

Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my work is to see someone get a job and grow in confidence till he can really take pride in what he does. It is a joy to see our clients happy and fulfilled and self-sufficient!

The worst? All the driving around, I guess, but it is hard sometimes to control my emotions, especially when working with people who have no clue what "disability" means. I suppose that the very best part of my job would be the fact that I can utilize who I am with most of my clients.

I love to do assessments of our clients' jobs or mode of living, to help them improve how they work and live. I also am an artist, so being able to paint and draw, sing and play instruments, tell stories and read with them shows a part of them the employer may never see!

Job Tips: Much of what this job requires isn't really learnable in school, but you could still take some classes in speech pathology, brain function and learning disabilities... and also classes in English (my weak point).

Additional Thoughts: I have always believed that I could never keep a job I didn't like. "Like," of course, is a relative term, but you've got to be sure what your goals are, even if they're only short-term. I still think of myself as a student, always striving to learn and improve who I am, but I see too that while struggling to become something better I have found a job that allows me to express who I am and to employ my talents on behalf of other people. And that strikes me as good, perhaps even good enough.

If I could change one thing in my initial approach to my career? I would do what I loved most rather than worrying about money or what other people thought of me. (I told you English was my weak point!)

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