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Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) 2018-19, National Center for Education Statistics,

CityTownInfo Supports Libraries supports libraries in a few different ways:

  • Information on CityTownInfo is accessible to libraries free of charge. Please tell your patrons about us, and feel free to contact us if you'd like to use some of our information on your library web site.
  • We list information about public libraries in each city and town, and link to library web sites.
  • We actively encourage librarians to provide additional details about their libraries and local communities.

CityTownInfo: An Authoritative Reference for Community, Career and College Research

We continually strive to make an authoritative, objective, and information-rich resource on U.S. communities, colleges and careers. We're grateful to the hundreds of public and university libraries, teachers and professors, and state and local governments who list CityTownInfo as a valuable resource for their web site visitors.

What's Unique: A Few Highlights

CityTownInfo presents useful information on over 20,000 places in the United States, and serves millions of visitors each year. Here are a few of the key features that make the site unique and valuable for researching cities and towns:

  • Career Descriptions section that contains real-world Career Stories, a collection of hundreds of career descriptions, insights and advice written by people actually on the job. The section also contains an at-a-glance salary comparison, careers by industry, introductory career videos, and a career and education news section with original articles written by CTI staff daily.
  • College Search Tools that includes CollegeMatch™, a tool that allows students and parents to enter the name of a college and get back a list of schools that have a strong similarity to it, based on a numerical analysis. It's a great way to expand a college search. The section includes a more traditional college search with easy to use controls, and an in-depth, comparative guide on thousands of post-secondary institutions.
  • Detailed City/Town Profiles that include attributes and details such as demographics, maps, local government web sites, public library listings, high school and college summaries, political contributions, ancestry data, alternative and neighborhood names, and much more. Rather than a list of raw numbers, the site is a compendium of meaningful information derived by comparing each location's attributes to those of thousands of other communities across the state and the nation. In addition, CityTownInfo has created original articles for over 3500 cities and towns, and is continually adding more. Sample City Profile Page
  • PlaceMatch™ pages that provide researchers a list of cities and towns which are statistically similar to the one selected. Optional controls are provided so parameters and can be added, removed, or de-emphasized.
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