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5 College Towns for Techies

It's no secret that computer and tech jobs occupy some of the healthiest sectors of the nationwide job market, and it's fairly common knowledge that good tech colleges can help techies develop the skills necessary to kick off a career in the field.

Defining Your Career Goals Part 1

What makes you happy? Knowing that you're on the right path heading towards success? Getting lost in creating a story or design? Building something from the ground up? Knowing that you're making a difference? Performing on stage?

Defining Your Career Goals Part 2

In Part I of this series, "Know Thyself, Know Thy Future", we talked about specific steps you can take to identify what is likely to make you happy in a career

Defining Your Career Goals Part 3

In Part II of this series, "Crafting a Career", we emphasized the importance of setting goals, and walked through three steps of decision making to create a sound career goal.

Finding Solutions to the Affordable Housing Shortage

Many Americans cannot find affordable housing. What are people doing to help?

Giving College A Second Try

If you're thinking of giving college a second chance... or you are trying to convince a college to give you a second chance... either way you can rest assured that you are not alone.

How School Fits Into The Bigger Picture

The difference between having the dream and living the dream is one's ability to effectively analyze, plan and execute the steps necessary to make that dream a reality.

Mechanic Shortages Looming

A severe shortage in diesel mechanics is predicted by industry experts, as baby boomers--who make up a large percentage of diesel technicians still in the field--reach retirement age between 2010 and 2030.

Six Fastest Growing Education Careers In 2010

Over 3 million people call themselves educators in the U.S. today. In the next few years, hundreds of thousands of teachers will be retiring, mostly from the baby boomer generation.

Ten Careers Making A Difference

As you're sitting at your desk, standing at a counter, wielding a hammer or carrying heavy boxes, would it help you to know that the end of the day you made a difference?

Ten More Careers Making A Difference

Do you long to travel the world feeding the hungry? Or work with kids at your local high school? Do you have it in you to hold the hand of a dying man, or sit patiently as a teenager struggles to read a book?

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