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5 Legal Careers Without A Law Degree

In addition to attorneys, there are a wide range of legal professions. Most require specialized education beyond high school, but the amount of education is dependent upon the career and can range from certificate or diploma programs, to bachelor degree programs and even advanced degree programs.

A Primer On Allied Health School Accreditation

Understanding the accreditation status of educational institutions that offer allied health programs of study is a critical part of the school/program evaluation process for any prospective student.

Allied Health Career Education

The definition of allied health professions is a matter of some debate. At its most basic, the phrase refers to any health care career other than nursing or medicine (doctors) that requires some form of post-secondary (post high school) education.

Career Education For Foodies

The food services industry offers careers in beginning or entry-level food preparation, advanced food preparation for fine dining establishments, and food services and restaurant management.

Getting Your Career Started In Design

The title "designer" can apply to many different professions and many very different types of careers. Design professions range from very technical professions such as design engineers or architects, to very artistic such as fashion designers or graphics artists.

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