Masters Degrees

Accounting MBA Programs

For those seeking to break into the world of accounting or to further an existing accounting career, earning an MBA (master of business administration degree) with an emphasis in accounting is a great way to gain practical experience and prepare for rewarding career.

Education MBA Programs

A master of business administration, commonly known as an MBA, is a graduate degree for those wanting to advance their careers across all business sectors and industries.

Entrepreneurship MBA Programs

If you're just beginning to create your own career or have been in business for a while, earning an MBA in entrepreneurship can provide the insight, strategy, problem-solving skills and marketplace savvy to create a new venture.

Executive MBA Programs

The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree program can change your business perspective and paradigm, boosting your skills and transforming your leadership capacity to exceed your current personal and global vision.

Finance MBA Programs

An MBA, or master of business administration degree, offers graduates a centralized core of knowledge and provides them with a great foundation for a successful career. These advanced business degrees can be specialized, and an MBA in finance is a stepping stone to advancement in the growing financial services sector.

Global Management MBA Programs

A typical MBA global management program combines general business training with a worldwide focus. The amount of time it takes to complete an MBA program depends on your course of study and the number of classes you take.

Healthcare MBA Programs

If you're interested in one of the rapidly growing and well-paying jobs as a medical or health services manager, an MBA degree is critical. An MBA degree in healthcare is available in a campus setting, through an online program, or through a combination of both.

Leadership MBA Programs

An MBA in leadership is an excellent way to develop not only your leadership skills but also your critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills.

Marketing MBA Programs

Those who graduate with an MBA typically learn a variety of concepts, including business principles, leadership, critical thinking, technology, and communications, all of which are valuable skills in today's job market.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

While general MBA programs can certainly provide all of these benefits, many schools are now offering specialized MBAs in specific fields or industries, and a growing number of business students are opting to specialize.

Media MBA Programs

There are countless different types of master of business administration (MBA) programs, and an MBA in media management is one of the most unique and exciting possibilities for those interested in pursuing a career in business and the arts.

Project Management MBA Programs

Project managers are often required to survey company workers to identify a project need and are then responsible for defining the project, estimating costs and time needed, and sometimes recruiting the team members who carry the project to completion.

Sports Management MBA Programs

Athletes and professional sports teams are constantly in the spotlight, whether they win or lose… but what about the agents, consultants, marketers, and managers in the background who help them navigate business deals, steer their careers, and achieve success in all the "behind the scenes" aspects of the sports world?

Technology Management MBA Programs

College graduates who return to school for an MBA in technology management find that their new skills not only prepare them for the world of business but also for the rapidly changing computer and telecommunications systems that have become so vital to business.

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