Global Management MBA Programs

Global Management MBA Programs

Develop your global awareness, earn essential business skills, and boost your resume for an international market with an MBA in global management.

Overview of Global Management MBA Programs

Technology and travel advances have increased corporate reliance on a global market, and smart management professionals are prepared to work with confidence in an international climate. Whether you're interested in international non-profit work, global trade, overseas project management, or another aspect of global business, an MBA in global management can give you the essential skills you need.

Global management MBA programs work just like a traditional MBA, with an added focus and required coursework. Some general MBA programs can be paired with a global management certificate, while other MBA programs are already targeted to international business. No matter which you choose, you'll find a high-level business education designed to give you a fuller perspective on global business concerns.

Global Management MBA Coursework

A typical MBA global management program combines general business training with a worldwide focus. The amount of time it takes to complete an MBA program depends on your course of study and the number of classes you take--in general, expect two to three years of full-time study. Required coursework could include the following:

  • Global financial services
  • Designing global organizations
  • Seminar in international business
  • International trade and competition in high technology
  • Global marketing strategy

Beyond the standard training above, courses could include specific instruction in doing business in popular international locations, such as India or China. Many global management MBA programs allow you to choose your own coursework from a list of options, giving you a chance to further customize your degree program.

Available MBA Global Management Programs

Ready to pursue your MBA in global management? You have options. Traditional campus-based MBA programs look much like the typical college experience. For working professionals, night and weekend MBAs on-campus are another option, while executive MBA programs may be available to students who meet certain prerequisites.

Earning your MBA in global management online is another option. Online education gives you the chance to learn at your own pace, logging on from anywhere to complete your coursework and interact with peers and professors. If you have full-time work or family commitments, earning an MBA online allows you to study without sacrificing your personal or professional life.

Campus-based and online MBA programs are designed to offer the same coursework and requirements, with the biggest difference being the format in which your training is delivered. Looking for a combination of traditional and high-tech? Hybrid MBA programs blend online and campus-based coursework.

Career Options for MBA in Global Management Graduates

Careers for MBA graduates are as varied as business itself. Depending on your undergraduate training, current employment, and career goals, you could find yourself working at the management level in a human resources department, working as a project manager in IT for a growing tech company, or even starting your own global firm.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports mean annual wages for a range of management careers. Take a look at careers that may be possible with work experience, relevant training, and an MBA in global management:

  • General and operations managers: $110,550
  • Public relations managers: $101,850
  • Computer and information systems managers: $120,640
  • Purchasing managers: $96,910
  • Training and development managers: $94,360

According to, international human resources managers earned median wages of $110,358 in 2010. That same year, international sales managers earned median wages of $93,938. While no degree program can guarantee a particular career or salary, the focused training you can find in a global management MBA program can fulfill the requirements hiring and promotions managers are looking for in candidates.

Take your first steps towards entering the global business world. Explore MBA programs in global management and make a plan to boost your education level and your salary potential with training that interests you.

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