Marketing MBA Programs

Marketing MBA Programs

Earning a master in business administration degree (MBA) has become a popular way to prepare oneself for a variety of advanced business jobs. Those who graduate with an MBA typically learn a variety of concepts, including business principles, leadership, critical thinking, technology, and communications, all of which are valuable skills in today's job market. If you're interested in advertising, marketing, or a job that requires information analysis and excellent communication skills, an MBA program in marketing might be perfect for you.

Overview of the MBA in Marketing

An MBA in marketing is an advanced degree that emphasizes the marketing aspect of business theory and best practices, as opposed to emphasizing other aspects of the business world. There are a variety of ways to earn an MBA in marketing, including full-time master's degree programs, evening and weekend programs, and MBAs that can be earned entirely online.

An MBA in marketing is an excellent way to advance in your career, develop your business skills, qualify for a higher salary, and prepare yourself for management and leadership positions. MBA marketing programs can help you understand the unique problems of advertising and promoting products and services to consumers and other businesses. Marketing is an integral part of any successful business, whether you're trying to understand what your consumers want, price goods and services appropriately, or create effective advertisements.

Coursework for MBA in Marketing Programs

The exact coursework you take in an MBA in marketing program depends partly on your program of study itself. However, there are some basics that most MBA marketing students take, including financial management courses, understanding statistics, economics, management information systems, and managing investments. Of course, beyond the broader business courses, you'll also take classes in marketing such as the following:

  • Market research
  • International marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Branding
  • Services marketing
  • Business to business marketing

Choosing the Right MBA in Marketing Program

An MBA is available at a variety of colleges and universities. If you're looking into earning your MBA in marketing, make sure to consider all your options: universities near your home, as well as online MBA programs. If you're motivated by learning in a classroom with your peers and having regular face-to-face interaction with the instructor, look into campus MBA marketing programs. If you're already working full-time or have other commitments that keep you from being able to return to school, look into a weekend program or consider enrolling in an online program.

Online MBA programs are an excellent choice for self-motivated learners who enjoy independence. Online programs allow you to study when and where it's convenient for you. Additionally, since more advertising and sales campaigns rely on technology, an online degree could demonstrate to potential employers that you are capable of using advanced technology for a variety of purposes.

Careers for Marketing MBA Graduates

If you're interested in working in marketing, there are a variety of careers for which an MBA in marketing could help prepare you. Below are Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data about the mean salaries from 2009 for each of these careers:

  • Market research analyst: $67,500
  • Survey researchers: $42,330
  • Marketing manager: $120,070
  • Sales managers: $111,570
  • Advertising and promotions managers: $97,670

The BLS reports that the employment of both market research analysts and survey researchers is expected to grow much faster than the average between 2008 and 2018. The employment of advertising and promotions managers is actually expected to decline between 2008 and 2018, but the employment of marketing managers is expected to increase as fast as the average, and the employment of sales managers is expected to increase faster than the average.

The importance of sales and advertising in today's culture is obvious. If you want to use technology, excellent communication skills, teamwork, and knowledge of the consumer market to promote products and services, an MBA in marketing might be the perfect advanced degree for you.

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