Media MBA Programs

Media MBA Programs

There are countless different types of master of business administration (MBA) programs, and an MBA in media management is one of the most unique and exciting possibilities for those interested in pursuing a career in business and the arts. From starting a record label to managing a performing arts center or working for a film production business, media MBA programs offer a wide range of opportunities to students and graduates all over the country.

Overview of Media MBA Media Programs

Media management is a truly innovative area, drawing on a variety of disciplines and interests to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and practical training they need to succeed in the business end of the arts and entertainment industries. MBA media programs provide instruction in media, communications, art, and computers, as well as the business and marketing skills that should be most useful in future careers in the media, performing arts, and arts management.

Media MBA programs have a dual focus, providing students with both business skills and an understanding of the arts. Most students who enter such programs already have experience in radio, television, museum administration, journalism, publishing, theatre, film, or music. Others enter MBA media studies with a background in law, management, marketing, or education.

MBA in media programs often include courses and training in:

  • Marketing, finance, and business economics
  • Practical skills in business and organization management
  • Telecommunications, information technology, and electronic business management
  • Television, film, music, radio, journalism, and other mass media arts

Media MBA programs are available all over the U.S., although programs may be concentrated in major entertainment cities like Los Angeles and New York. Although an MBA in media is a niche specialization that many business schools don't offer, there are a number of reputable universities that provide top-notch media business programs for those who wish to pursue a career in this fascinating field.

What Can You Do with an MBA in Media?

Graduates from MBA media programs can go on to a variety of exciting careers in the arts and media. You may work as an agent or publicist for an artist, help develop circulation strategies for a magazine, or sell advertising for online or traditional media. The cross-disciplinary approach taught in MBA media courses provides graduates with unique skill sets in marketing, promotions, and problem-solving, making them top candidates for companies seeking innovative thinkers with a varied background in arts and culture. MBA media graduates can find jobs in advertising management, public relations, marketing, and sales, as well as the obvious career paths in the entertainment industry, such as producing film, radio, and TV shows, publishing, and representing actors, musicians, writers, and other creative artists.

Business and financial experts make up roughly 5 percent of workers in the entertainment industry, according to 2008 data the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This includes agents and managers as well as individuals responsible for marketing, public relations, fundraising, and contract negotiations with artists, musicians, and performers.

In 2009, the BLS reports, there were roughly 11,700 agents and business managers in the U.S. working to promote and manage artists, performers, and athletes. The median annual income for these agents was $61,890 in 2009, with the top-earning 25 percent bringing home more than $105,870 in 2009. The best-paying jobs in this field are found in the motion picture sector, with a mean annual wage of $119,550 going to promoters and agents in this niche.

Those skilled in multimedia marketing, promotions, and public relations can find exciting work opportunities that include a great deal of travel, high salaries, and long work hours. Jobs in marketing and promotions are expected to grow 13 percent between 2008 and 2018, according to BLS projections, offering thousands of job openings to MBA graduates from media programs and other specializations.