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All About Online Degrees

Choosing to further your education is the first step to higher achievement in your life. Online degrees are increasing in popularity with adults as an alternative to brick-and-mortar high schools and colleges. E-learning fits their fast-paced lifestyles, allowing them to balance work and family life.

Choosing An Online Program

Online learning has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. According to an annual report published by the Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) and Babson Survey Research Group, nearly 7.1 million students were taking at least one online course in 2013.

Combining On Campus And Online Education

Ten years ago, the students enrolled in online education courses came from all over the country. Many of them were beginning degrees for the first time, finishing where they left off, or taking selected courses in order to enhance their career options.

Dabblers Can Find Online Courses For Them Too

Most advertising campaigns for online education programs tout online courses as tickets to career advancement. If you've thought that online courses were only for people looking to get their foot in the career door, think again.

Empowerment Through Online Education

Online education's predecessor, distance education, became popular in the nineteenth century precisely because it offered people from rural, working class communities access to higher education.

Getting Your Teaching Degree Online

With the demand for teachers growing, many professionals looking for a new career are returning to the classroom with the goal to get a teaching degree fast.

Inside Online Schools

Many are skeptical about online education. They wonder if it's as good as classroom based education, if it's worth the cost, or if it really will help them in their careers.

Online Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor's degrees were once the mainstay of traditional college life at a brick and mortar school for students fresh out of high school, but now this degree can be completed online from colleges and universities across the nation or the globe.

Online Education Overcoming Its Origins

By the 1950s, distance education had acquired a bad reputation. Many were increasingly suspicious of correspondence schools promise that a college education could be had with much convenience and little cost.

Online High Schools

An e-learning study program includes a wide variety of e-learning options, from listening to live teacher lectures or viewing downloaded video classes, etc

Online Master Degrees

A master's degree is a post-baccalaureate or graduate degree is awarded to students who have completed one to three years of concentrated learning in a field of knowledge. A master's level education can mean entry into a new field or occupation, a promotion or simply personal enrichment and achievement.

Online Nursing Degrees

Registered nurses jobs will be needed in out-patient surgery centers, chemotherapy treatment centers, rehabilitation clinics and in-home care capacities.

Scrutinizing Hot Online Degrees

Three of the most popular degrees when it comes to online education are Law, MBA, and PhD. But when it comes to making them work for you, these degrees meet with mixed reviews.

Top Three Stereotypes Of Online Education

Online education has grown vastly over the last decade. Not only have online universities aggressively marketed their programs in ad campaigns, but ground universities from Harvard to your local community college have started distance education programs that offer courses and degrees online.

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